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Unwrapping 🎁 a Ledgendary 2022

Karime Andere
Product Marketing
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As we approach the holiday season and 2023, we took a little time to reflect on just how much we’ve accomplished in 2022 and how much we’ve been able to help European startups better manage their equity and empower their teams with ownership. This year, we’ve grown with our customers, and thanks to their invaluable feedback, as well as our awesome team of Ledgistas, our product has reached new heights. 🚀 It’s been a wild ride - the stuff of Ledgends - one might say, and we’re excited to have you join us for what’s to come.

To finish off a wonderful 2022, let’s unwrap 💝 ten of this year’s most epic 👩🏼‍💻 new features, giving our customers the gifts of…


Create hundreds of error-free documents in seconds

Document templating is one of the most powerful ways we save you time at Ledgy. And we started this year off right with two enhancements to templating that make a real difference in reducing your administrative overhead.

Growth, Scale and Enterprise plan customers can now select a template to create documents from for each different plan, which means not only far greater customization for each plan’s documents but more importantly, the ability to create documents in bulk and save you mountains of time. By selecting a template for each plan and toggling on the options to create documents and prepare signature requests in the plan settings directly, any new grant or grants uploaded via spreadsheets (yes that’s right, up to 500 🤯) can have documents created and signature requests prepared at the click of a button. And not to worry, there’s little risk of snowballing mistakes with bulk document creation, as Ledgy’s variable validation also helps you identify when a document is missing values for specific variables, typos in the variables recognized, or if a template has variable fields in it that don't match the particular kind of transaction you're executing. 🙌

We’ve already saved so much time ⏰ while keeping our peace of mind with this feature - how about you? 🤩

For more information, check out our help articles on document templates per plan, and variables for document templating.

Effortless EMI annual reporting for HMRC 👑

This was an important milestone for our UK customers! 🇬🇧

After developing a way for customers operating in the UK to notify HMRC every time they have new EMI grants, we went further to launch a way to report to HMRC at the yearly deadline. Growth, Scale and Enterprise users can create their EMI annual return (previously known as EMI40) for HMRC through Ledgy.

You can add disqualifying events, set applicable reporting date ranges, and download a form that’s ready to file. Lots of admin saved, so you can get on with real value-adding work. 🤓

Learn more about the feature in our announcement.

Offboarding automation ⛴️

Seeing team members leave is never easy. And to make matters worse, managing what happens to equity when people move on can be tough. We don’t want these processes to slow teams down. That’s why we recently launched a way to automate the equity-related processes that might come when offboarding team members.

Offboarding automation allows Scale and Enterprise customers to offboard multiple stakeholders at a time, while taking into account all of the grants they have been given and their unique vesting schedules. That’s not all: we’ve also added an easier way to open exercising windows for these employees, allowing users to select an opening and closing date for the exercising window directly in the same offboarding workflow.

Find out more in our announcement here.

Custom views in Ledgy grids 🤩

Grids are one of the most common ways we display equity and cap table information on Ledgy. Whether it’s a breakdown of your cap table, or a summary of the latest signed grants, you’ll be able to view the data in a grid. Now you can save your own custom views on all Ledgy grids 🙌 so you can get to the information you need, faster than ever before. All company collaborators will be able to customize, edit and save their own views in different grids, share those views with teammates, and see the views other collaborators create.

And it’s not just for companies either… Custom views are also available in employee dashboards! 🎉 Ledgy’s Insights and Documents pages let employees edit and save their own views.

Find out more about how to get the most important information at a glance 👀 ✨ in our announcement here.

Security 🔐

Custom Access levels 👥

Until this summer ☀️, Ledgy customers assigned roles to collaborators based on three different presets: Owner, Admin and Viewer. But equity management isn’t a one-person job, especially in fast-growing companies. Often, cap tables, employee plans, documents and updates are managed by different people in different teams.

That’s why we introduced custom access levels 🎉: a feature built for scaling teams to manage their equity collaboratively across functions, all while maintaining strict levels of privacy and security.

Enterprise customers can now create their own custom roles for Ledgy users and admins while also selecting exactly which bits and stakeholders of Ledgy different custom roles can access.

Learn more in our announcement here.

2FA requirement and easy recovery 🔢

We rolled out more robust two-factor authentication (2FA), giving companies and team members more security when accessing equity information. 🎉

Account admins, or Owners, of customers on the Scale and Enterprise plan can activate 2FA for themselves before opening it up for all users as a mandatory login step:

Once Owners activate 2FA, all stakeholders invited to Ledgy will be prompted to set up 2FA in order to access their dashboards.  Ledgy's 2FA is currently compatible with several authenticator apps such as Google Authenticator and Authy.

For more, check out our support page! And don’t worry, Ledgy provides a recovery code and an easy way of contacting our support team if 2FA is ever lost - so you can have security without the fuss.

SOC2 Type 1 Audit and a constant infrastructure focus 👷🏻‍♀️

As our team grows, we’ve put processes in place that ensure the highest standards of information security are upheld as we use more tools, onboard more people, and serve more customers. Part of our engineering team consistently focuses on our platform’s infrastructure, to prevent and reduce bugs, and optimize Ledgy’s performance. Our team has also invested time and effort into information security policies and procedures, controls and improvements. This year, we completed a SOC2 Type 1 audit with no gaps or exceptions noted: a great recognition of this work, reinforcing our commitment to remain a trusted service provider. 🤝

Teamwork 💞

Employee-led scenarios 🚀

At Ledgy, employee empowerment is near and dear to our hearts ❤️ and a big reason we champion efficient equity management for companies. Building cultures of ownership just can’t happen if employees don’t have visibility into their equity, its value and potential value. With that in mind, we launched a new feature enabling employees to customize the scenarios on their dashboard in addition to the already available scenarios presented by the company.

With employee scenarios enabled on the company side, employees can toggle to a valuation of their choice using the slider, and learn what the approximate value of their shares or options would be. Companies can also give a little extra guidance to employees by allowing valuations to be chosen only within specific ranges.

Get your team aligned and dreaming about the possibilities together ✨ with employee scenarios! Find out more about how it works in detail, here.

DocuSign integration 🔗

We’re excited to have partnered with DocuSign to support document automation!✍️

You can now connect to the most widely recognized e-signature software globally, all while benefiting from Ledgy’s existing document templating and signature workflows. Scale and Enterprise customers can go straight through Ledgy to access their DocuSign account and subscription, to access great DocuSign features like witness signing, check boxes, and customizable text fields.

Check out the announcement for more.

Partnerships for all your equity needs 🤝

As much as we’d like it, equity isn’t all as easy as one click. Compliance and regulatory requirements can be tedious, expensive, and difficult to find. Benchmarking compensation needs robust data sets. And secondaries, although they help companies empower their teams by making equity more tangible, can require a lot of technical and legal work to get right. That’s why this year, we partnered with leaders in compliance services, equity and compensation benchmarking and secondary sales. Let’s take a look! 👀

Compliance: 409A, IFRS2 and more with Aranca

We’ve partnered with Aranca, a market leader for venture-backed companies offering compliant stock option valuations, such as IRC 409A in the US, for HMRC in the UK, BSPCE in France as well as option expensing compliant with IFRS2, USGAAP, and PCAOB. Find out more here.

Secondaries: Meet Semper

We are very excited to partner with Semper to make it easier for Ledgy customers valued above €250 million to run secondaries! Semper takes the pain out of the operational aspects of secondaries, letting you get on with building your company. Learn more on our website: just answer a few quick survey questions to get started.

Compensation Benchmarking: Pave and Figures

We’ve launched a new category of integrations at Ledgy with category leaders Pave and Figures. You can now connect your Ledgy account to Pave or Figures to automatically sync your grant data and then see how the equity compensation you give out fares on the market. Check out our marketplace for more integrations.

And there's even more to come!

It's been a Ledgendary 2022, and we have a few more features cooking to finish off the year with a bang 💥 (Curious? Find out more here).

Ledgy was built to help entrepreneurs like you scale their cap tables along with their teams and companies, in a fast and simple way. We’re delighted to serve as a single source of truth for all equity related needs, cater to international teams and empower employees to better understand their equity offering. And we can’t wait to see what more exciting things 2023 brings!

Want to let us know what you’d like us to tackle next year? Click here!

Our whole team wishes you Happy Holidays and a wonderful new year to come. We’re thrilled to be on this journey together with you ❤️

Karime Andere is a Product Marketer at Ledgy. She is a product expert with comprehensive equity knowledge thanks to her previous role within Ledgy's Customer Experience team. She also likes to dance.

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