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With equity, teams achieve more together. But, too many companies suffer from equity headaches. We're building a product to make equity work for every team, everywhere. Meet our group of Ledgistas and pick your seat on our rocketship. Make equity work for companies and people.

Photo of founders

The values we live by


We want to create the space for everyone to be their best self. Therefore, we live a low-ego culture and put the team first. We assume the best intentions in others and always strive for kindness in our interactions.


We constantly strive to do better. We believe in a growth mindset, trust that we are giving our best effort and see limitless opportunities to learn and improve, both personally and as a company.


We believe that our actions have an impact and can contribute to making the world a better place. We move together with this responsibility in mind and use our resources to empower others to do the same.


For the best ideas to drive our impact, they need to be heard. We foster an open and direct communication culture, aren't afraid of asking the hard questions and value diverse points of view.

Our purpose

We're creating a world where entrepreneurship drives positive change for everyone. To achieve this ambitious goal, we want to align, empower and inspire every team globally with equity.

Thousands of customers in 40 countries around the world

>150,000 people empowered with equity on Ledgy

$30 million raised from NEA, Sequoia and other top VCs

We're building the best place to work in Europe

Our culture is central to our success. At Ledgy, everyone can develop professionally and personally, doing work that makes them proud.

Our cross-functional DEI committee makes belonging a core priority for every Ledgista

Sustainability is at our core. We offset our emissions by backing early-stage carbon removal startups; we minimise air travel; we run on zero-emission servers, and we're paperless by default

Our international team is composed of countless different nationalities and spoken languages

Our web development traineeships bring people from unconventional backgrounds into software engineering

Slack channels you may want to join: #fun-food; #fun-bookclub; #fun-hiking; #fun-pets-and-plants; #fun-football; #fun-climbing; #fun-cinema-club

Your Ledgy benefits

Flexible and hybrid work set-up
40 days of remote work from outside your home country
Competitive salary and equity package
inclusive parental leave
Sponsoring of work equipment
Mental health & wellbeing platform
Referral bonus program
Learning and development budget
Regular in-person and remote company off-sites and team retreats

Open positions

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Meet Ledgy’s team

Zara Ali

Sales Development Representative

Francesco Levorato

Engineering Manager
Photo of Jannick Stein

Jannick Stein

Junior Chief of Staff
Photo of Minh-Hoàng Nguyen

Minh-Hoàng Nguyen

Data Engineer
Image headshot of Stefanie Lynch

Stefanie Lynch

Head of Product

Peter Ahern

Public Company Market Development
Oriol Vidal-CortesOriol Vidal-Cortes

Oriol Vidal-Cortes

Staff Software Engineer
Image headshot of Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher

Senior Sales Development Representative
Photo of Valma Tikkakoski

Valma Tikkakoski

Head of Marketing
Photo of Rhiannon Tudhope

Rhiannon Tudhope

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager
Photo of Daniel Almasi

Daniel Almasi

Software Engineer
Image of CarlosGIF of the Simpsons

Carlos Hernandez

Senior Software Engineer
Image headshot of Pietro Tansini

Pietro Tansini

Senior Data Analyst
Image headshot of Neus Garcia Puigdollers

Neus Garcia Puigdollers

Junior Software Engineer
Image headshot of Clemens Heithecker

Clemens Heithecker

Junior Software Engineer
Photo of Timo Horstschäfer

Timo Horstschäfer

Co-Founder & CTO
Photo of Yoko Spirig

Yoko Spirig

Co-Founder & CEO

Tatyana N

Software Engineer

James Seely

Head of CX
Photo of Thórhildur Thorleiksdóttir

Thórhildur Thorleiksdóttir

Senior Software Engineer
Photo of Xiao Sun

Xiao Sun

Software Engineer
Image of Harry Pattinson, Ledgy employeeGIF of cricketer failing

Harry Pattinson

CX Manager
Photo of Aloys Van de vreken

Aloys Van de vreken

Finance Manager
Photo of María del Mar Mitjavila

María del Mar Mitjavila

CX Lead
Image of Iva Vokic

Iva Vokic

Senior Product Designer
Photo of Gregory Hartley

Gregory Hartley

Account Executive
Photo of Angela Santin Ceballos

Angela Santin Ceballos

Engineering Manager
Photo of Ben Brandt

Ben Brandt

Co-Founder & CPO

Harry Hall

Web Developer
Armon BättigArmon Bättig

Armon Bättig

Enterprise Lead
Photo of Giacomo Venier

Giacomo Venier

Software Engineer
Photo of Sandro Berchier

Sandro Berchier

Revenue Operations Lead
Image headshot of Ion Mesca

Ion Mesca

Product Design Lead
Photo of Karime Andere

Karime Andere

Product Marketing Manager
Photo of Christopher Girdwood

Christopher Girdwood

Senior CX Manager
Photo of Svein

Svein Petter Undheim

Head of Financial Reporting
Photo of Ana Silva

Ana Silva

CX Manager
Image of Ignacio, Ledgy employeeGIF of dog falling over ball

Ignacio Ampuero

Engineering Manager
Photo of Valerie Baia

Valerie Baia

Account Executive
Photo of Luke McGee

Luke McGee

CX Manager
Photoof John Ligan

John Ligan

Customer Support Lead
Photo of Mariana Cely

Mariana Cely

Software Engineer
Jules HenzeJules Henze

Jules Henze

Staff Software Engineer
Photo of Alex Hare

Alex Hare

Staff Product Manager

Rebekka Thur

People Associate
Image of Luke WoollettGIF of animal

Luke Woollett

Staff Software Engineer
Photo of Joe Brennan

Joe Brennan

Content & Communications Lead
Image headshot of Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Staff Product Designer
Photo of Lorenzo Barasti

Lorenzo Barasti

Engineering Manager
Image headshot of Berenika

Berenika Godlewska

Brand Designer
Photo of Tim

Tim Oliver Pietsch