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Employee communications

Simplify employee comms with user-friendly dashboards

Ledgy makes equity clear for everyone. Share real-time updates and show participants what their equity compensation means on one intuitive dashboard. All the insights your team needs, accessible at any time.

Engage, align, and inspire your team with equity

Keep your team informed

Give participants access to all the information they need, on their desktop or mobile.  Automate notifications about upcoming events and manage end-to-end requests like contract signatures and transactions in one place.

Create company-wide clarity

Help participants understand what equity means for them. Share documents and break down grants, vesting, exercising, and more to avoid any misunderstandings. Use equity to align the whole company behind the same mission.

Complete oversight and enterprise-level security

Preview and verify what team members will see in their dashboards before inviting them to Ledgy. Make logins easy and secure with 2FA, SAML SSO and SCIM provisioning with Google, Okta, and Azure.

Keep your team informed

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Modern features for modern teams

Dashboard previews

Get complete oversight over who sees what. Admins can ‘preview as stakeholder’ before inviting new users, ensuring nothing’s missed.

Intuitive visual equity insights

Help participants understand the impact of their ownership with visual breakdowns of grants, vesting, exercising and more.

Automated end-to-end exercising and releasing

Make exercising one seamless workflow: with Ledgy, all requests, signatures and approvals go back and forth between admins and employees in one place.

Document management and sharing

Automated document and signature workflows make it easy to create, share, and sign documents for all parties involved.


Centrally manage, monitor, and revoke unified access to Ledgy from your preferred identity provider. We support Google, Okta and Azure Active Directory.

And much more

50+ HRIS integrations
Share KPIs and updates with the team
Custom role-based access control
Multiple currency support

Why our customers love us

“We have over 450 employees today and every one of them gets to own a piece of the company. It was important to us to do this in an efficient way and that we can visualise for people what it means to be an equity owner. Ledgy allows us to do that in an automated way and also avoiding mistakes that you would have if you did that manually.”
Andreas Aepli
“Thanks to Ledgy, I can spend more time on more complex topics or projects where I can bring real value, instead of spending time on manual, monotonous work.”
Maya Seite Masri
Corporate and M&A Legal manager
“Being able to automatically create documents in bulk has been a game changer for us in terms of time-saving and accuracy. I’m confident that nothing will go wrong.”
Bianca Stewart
Head of Legal
“Ledgy has knocked days – not hours, days – off the process of creating a new share option award. That really adds up when you think about what we've already achieved and how much further we still have to go. Compared to what we had before, it's night and day.”
John Fraser
Finance Director

What else does Ledgy offer?

Equity Plan Automation

Streamline equity workflows and save your team valuable time.


Get accurate and audit-ready valuations from market-leading experts


Stay error-free, get IPO-ready and go global with confidence.

Cap Table Management

Turn your cap table into a strategic asset – accurate and intuitive, every time.

Financial Reporting

Meet your deadlines with instantly generated financial reports you can trust.

How will you use Ledgy?

Equity Plan Automation

Put your equity on auto pilot and spend time where it counts.


Get accurate and audit-ready valuations from market-leading experts.

Financial Reporting

Meet your deadlines with instantly generated financial reports you can trust.


Stay error-free, get IPO-ready and prepare to go global. All while enjoying less admin and fewer errors.

Cap Table Management

Redefine your cap table with engaging visuals, next level accuracy and the ability to scale.

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Fast and easy migration with Ledgy experts at hand

We’re committed to providing the best experience for your team, from beginning to end. With our onboarding and product experts there every step of the way, you can trust that your data migration will go smoothly - improving your data accuracy and allowing you to get the most out of Ledgy from the start.

Migration on Ledgy’s Enterprise plan takes weeks, not months, with four main stages:

Benefits abstract pictogram of ledgy product

Set up

After signing, our team sets up your account and goes through your onboarding plan with you.

Data & document extraction:

Our team works off of your current solutions to extract the data and documents needed.


Our team imports your data and documents to Ledgy, cross-checking details with you along the way.

Data validation

Once the data migration is finalised, you get to go through and validate our team’s work to ensure data is correct and meets your expectations.

Let us show you more

Let’s schedule a demo to discuss your needs and show you how Ledgy solves them