The climate crisis poses an imminent threat to our society, culture, and economy. To be a role model of new businesses that generate wealth while reducing emissions, we are committed to constantly minimize our impact on the environment.

Trusted by leading sustainable companies all around the world

Principles that guide us

We believe every player in society should take the climate crisis—the challenge of our generation—seriously. As a startup with many employees, customers and suppliers we have some leverage—and therefore a responsibility to act.


Powered by Green Energy

Our Zurich-based servers run on Google’s 100% renewable energy infrastructure. Even so, our operations are still not at zero emissions—so we offset our remaining footprint at every opportunity.

Proud members of LFCA

Leaders for Climate Action is a Europe's largest climate action community making rigorous advancements towards climate protection and Ledgy is fully onboard.


Advocating our commitment

Our team’s shared passion for our planet touches our professional and personal lives. We're committed to engaging our employees, customers and network. We host workshops, publish content and participate in the TFCA Campaign yearly.

Join us in taking action!

Now is a great time to kick off some real actions in the fight against climate change. It’s the greatest challenge of our time and we hope you join us on this mission.

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What can you do?

Everyone can make a difference