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Best-in-class protection with privacy by design

Your data’s security and privacy are Ledgy’s top priority. Our technical and organizational measures, compliance, and privacy-focused features let you control who receives what information.

Technical data protection

Ledgy takes great measures to ensure your data and privacy are protected by industry-leading features and policy frameworks

Encryption at rest and in transit

Keys stored in a highly redundant facility

Protection against code injection

Servers protected against DoS attacks

Strong backup procedures and policies

Privacy and Security you can trust for your equity assets

Ledgy is trusted by companies in more than 30 countries around the world to handle their most sensitive data. Any security and privacy questions? Send us a message: security@ledgy.com or privacy@ledgy.com.


Granular access allows you to control what information to share with whom


Ledgy never contacts shareholders without the company administrator's consent


Strong password requirement with two-factor authentication


Data fully hosted only in Europe

Enterprise-quality security

Independently audited by third-parties, Ledgy ensures your company’s data and privacy are protected with best-in-class security you can depend on.

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ISO27001 certified
Annual Pentest reports
TLS 1.3 Encryption
SAML SSO with Okta, Azure AD and Google
Principle of least privilege enforced