Equity management and cap table software for high-growth companies

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High-growth companies use Ledgy to manage their cap table

A flexible cap table that scales with your company

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Plan your next round

Play with scenarios of how convertibles, pools and investors with liquidation preference affect your dilution, across multiple rounds

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Always accurate

Updated in real-time

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No more manual updates

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Fully digital

No more Excel Sheets


Built to grow with your company

Ledgy makes your equity plans scalable, compliant in all countries, integrates with your existing systems and comes with enterprise-ready security and privacy.

The best for international teams

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Ledgy supports companies in 40+ countries across the globe

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Simplify your HMRC filings, EMI or CSOP share schemes

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VSOPs, numbered shares and Personio integration

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BSPCE and integrations with Figures and Lucca HR

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