Your cap table: accurate, visual, built to scale

Ledgy turns your static Excel sheets into a flexible digital asset that scales with your company. Find out how leading companies are using Ledgy to transform their cap table into a lever of growth. Schedule your custom demo or explore Ledgy on your own.

High-growth companies use Ledgy to manage their cap table

A flexible cap table that scales with your company

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Plan your next round

Play with scenarios of how convertibles, pools and investors with liquidation preference affect your dilution, across multiple rounds

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Always accurate

Updated in real-time

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No more manual updates

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Fully digital

No more Excel Sheets

Your single source of truth for equity and share ownership

Ledgy is the next-generation equity management platform for scaling companies. Ledgy surfaces relevant data and insights to employees, executives and investors, letting you keep the whole team aligned, engaged and motivated.

  • Stays compliant and audit-ready

  • Rich employee dashboards

  • A simple, beautiful experience

  • Manage your equity program across borders

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Build accurate scenarios and exit models

Model complex funding rounds and exits, share them with your team and make decisions based on data

  • Perform waterfall and breakpoint analysis

  • Understand dilution implications

  • See impact on share classes and stakeholders

  • Easily export what you need

Enterprise-ready security from the heart of Europe

Ledgy ensures your company’s data and privacy are protected with best-in-class policies you can depend on.

Ledgy allows us to easily track the details of our equity transactions and export the data to prepare for meetings with our CFO and board members.

Rafaella Apuzzo, Compensation & Benefits

Ledgy is a very powerful and time saving tool for scaleups. Having our cap table live, being able to see all past transactions and do round modelling is an unmatched value-add.

Felix Hubfauf, CFO, Frontify

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