Ledgy and Techstars Announce Close Partnership to Open Up Equity and Ownership to More Startups

We've partnered with Techstars to offer best-in-class equity and ownership management services to all Techstars' non-US portfolio companies, and to give Techstars a single source of truth for portfolio equity and cap table data.

3rd December 2021, Zürich, Switzerland: Techstars, the leading global seed accelerator, and Ledgy, the equity management platform built for high-growth companies, have partnered to deliver best-in-class equity and share ownership insights for all Techstars’ portfolio companies outside the US. In an industry first, the API integration between Techstars and Ledgy will also give Techstars visibility of share ownership across its whole portfolio in a single environment, with all equity and cap table data updated dynamically and in real time.

Until now, investors and accelerators have only been able to access information on portfolio company cap tables by sticking to regular, often laborious communication with portfolio finance and leadership teams, eating up time for investors and companies alike. Techstars’ integration with Ledgy offers portfolio companies a best-in-class equity management product, while Techstars itself will benefit from a bird’s-eye view of equity and ownership data across all relevant portfolio companies as Techstars continues to expand internationally in the months and years ahead.

When it's done well, equity management unlocks significant value for founders, employees and investors. But much of the slog that goes into raising funds, rolling out share options and planning exits is time-consuming manual work tracking who owns what, with data painstakingly logged in Excel.

To solve this, Ledgy’s software automates the administration of a number of vital business processes, from cap table management through to setting up option plans and modeling exit scenarios. Companies can create grants, share documents and sign contracts with Ledgy, easing administrative pain for Techstars portfolio companies and allowing them to spend more time on high-value strategic work.

Commenting on the partnership, Ledgy CEO Yoko Spirig said:

"Techstars has one of the biggest, most innovative and geographically diverse portfolios of any early-stage investor or accelerator. We are excited to be supporting Techstars and its incredible graduate companies to manage equity as they scale.

“With Ledgy at their fingertips, the whole Techstars portfolio outside the US will be able to leverage better insights and richer functionality when it comes to equity. We are also excited to empower employees of Techstars portfolio companies around the world with real-time data on their share options and equity packages as they focus on scaling.”

03 Dec 2021
Joe Brennan
Content Lead & Interim Head of Marketing

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