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Ledgy partners with Cooper Parry, giving customers best-in-class valuations and reporting

8th July 2024
Joe Brennan
Content and Communications Lead
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As companies scale, it becomes ever more important to handle financial reporting, valuations and audits with precision. That’s why we’re excited to partner with Cooper Parry, one of the UK's leading accounting, audit and consulting firms, to give customers robust advice and guidance as they approach key corporate milestones.

Why now?

We work with more than 3,500 customers in over 45 countries globally, including many of the largest and most complex tech businesses in Europe. A large, scaling company's calendar of key events is a mix of important recurring deadlines (like audits and tax authority reports) and one-off landmarks leading up to fundraisings, mergers, acquisitions or public listings. 

And with recent momentum in the IPO market, more leaders in finance, people and legal functions are dedicating time to preparing for potential exit events.

Expert valuations, delivered at pace

While our partnership will evolve to encompass workstreams like financial reporting and share-based payment expensing, initially the partnership will focus on valuations. Ledgy customers will be able to take advantage of EMI, CSOP and growth share valuations conducted by Cooper Parry’s expert Tech & High Growth accounting practitioners. 

Cooper Parry’s intimate knowledge of HMRC demands, and understanding of the end-to-end valuation process, allow customers to benefit from robust valuations delivered in around 14 business days, fitting the needs of the fastest-growing businesses.

"Our customers include some of the world's most innovative and fastest-moving scaleups," says Ledgy CEO Yoko Spirig. "Cooper Parry has built a deserved reputation for understanding these growing businesses and supporting them to execute on their growth plans. We're very excited to partner with the Cooper Parry team to give Ledgy customers defensible, objective advice on events like valuations, financial reports and more."

Steve Leith, head of Cooper Parry's Tech & High Growth practice, added, "We have been incredibly impressed by Ledgy's ability to cater for complex international businesses who need robust, agile equity and share plan management services. The companies we serve have collectively raised over $10 billion in venture funding, and we share Yoko's and Ledgy's view that these companies deserve the best support as they scale.”

Ledgy is building the best-integrated equity and share plan management platform. See all Ledgy's partnerships in one place.


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Joe is Ledgy’s Content and Communications Lead. He has over a decade's experience working in marketing and communications for scaling tech companies and global professional services firms.

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