Ledgy Partners with Entrepreneur First, Helping Europe’s Most Ambitious Founders Handle Equity From Day One

Entrepreneur First will give its latest European cohorts access to best-in-class equity management software through a new partnership with Ledgy. Ledgy’s platform for company ownership can be used by companies in any jurisdiction, from founding to IPO.

London, UK: Entrepreneur First, the leading talent investor, has partnered with Ledgy to bring best-in-class equity management to its newest cohorts of founders and startups in Europe.

Entrepreneur First (EF) will roll out Ledgy to its latest cohorts of founders in Paris, Berlin and London, and Ledgy will become the equity management provider of choice for future EF cohorts. Ledgy’s software offers EF founders features like scenario modeling for future funding rounds and exits, as well as educational dashboards for team members coming on board at EF companies.

When it's done well, equity management unlocks significant value for founders, employees and investors. But much of the slog that goes into raising funds, rolling out share options and planning exits is time-consuming manual work tracking who owns what, with most of this data painstakingly logged in Excel.

To solve this, Ledgy’s software automates the administration of a number of vital business processes, from cap table management through to setting up option plans and modeling exit scenarios. Companies can create grants, share documents and sign contracts with Ledgy, easing administrative pain for founders and allowing them to spend more time on high-value strategic work.

Commenting on the partnership, Ledgy CEO and co-founder Yoko Spirig said:

"Entrepreneur First’s unique model has already created incredible global technology companies such as Tractable, Magic Pony and Cleo. But today, founders need to understand equity and use it to their advantage right from the earliest stages of building their companies. That’s why we are so excited to bring equity management to EF’s latest London, Paris and Berlin cohorts.”

Matt Clifford, Entrepreneur First co-founder and CEO, added:

"Part of our mission at EF is to give entrepreneurs the space to think creatively and concentrate on developing their ideas. Equity is one of those things that founders need to start thinking about from day one, but properly managing a cap table and running a share option plan takes time without great technology. So we’re excited to partner with Ledgy, to give our founders a simple way to manage equity while they’re doing the hard work of company building.”

23 Mar 2022
Joe Brennan
Content Lead & Drone Theorist

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