Your startup job offer: how to value your compensation

Have you got a startup job offer on the table? Congrats! Now, in a few seconds you can get more insight into how your equity adds to your full compensation package.
Startup Job Offer

Understanding the value of your equity really matters

Owning shares or share options in a growing company is great. But why is it helpful to see a cash equivalent value for your equity stake? 🤔

  • Compare your equity and salary side by side

  • Make clearer decisions about prospects and career progression

  • More insight into your total compensation

"Equity ownership is not only important for aligning incentives between founders and investors, but crucially it drives alignment across the entire organization. CFOs, Heads of People and law firms love that Ledgy integrates with other HR systems and third parties involved in managing equity, creating a single point of truth. And Ledgy delights users with its ease of use."

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Get more insight into how your equity adds to your compensation package

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