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2023 at Ledgy: Our year in review

Yoko Spirig
Co-founder and CEO
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Looking back

We’re on a mission to empower every team globally with equity because we deeply believe in its power to incentivise and enable people to achieve more together. In 2023 we’ve seen a challenging macroeconomic environment, rising inflation and more layoffs. So how has Ledgy supported teams to achieve more together this year?

Product: Year in review

Europe’s best scaleups now choose Ledgy. We welcomed customers like Motorway, Tide, Too Good to Go and ComplyAdvantage. We now make equity work for almost five thousand companies in Europe and beyond. To support these businesses and teams, we made over 120 product improvements, big and small, doubling down on our commitment to provide compliant equity management with best-in-class automation and security in Europe, the UK and the world.

Here is our top ten list of the most impactful feature releases over the past year (in no particular order).

Manage equity at scale with best-in-class automation

1. Connect with one of 50+ HRIS integrations

Ledgy integrates with more than 50 HR information systems, making importing and updating stakeholder data error-free and automatic. Sync your HRIS with Ledgy to keep track of people data all in one click.

HR system integration on Ledgy

Learn more here.

Available on the Scale and Enterprise plans.

2. Go beyond default settings: centrally manage data and custom fields

Ledgy’s data management hub helps you leverage the power of our 50+ HRIS integrations and oversee your data configuration and custom fields (for both stakeholders and transactions) all in one place! Control your people data and sync exactly what you need, with custom fields that can be used all throughout the app - variables in templates, columns in any table, and more.

Custom fields section of the data management page on Ledgy

Learn more here.

Available on all plans (HRIS integrations are only available on Scale and Enterprise).

3. Streamline onboarding and offboarding with stakeholder status tags

Ledgy's new status tags give you clear action points at a glance.

Stakeholders tagged as “New” have recently been added to Ledgy from your HRIS and may be waiting for their grants to be offered. A stakeholder tagged as “Leaver”, whose status was edited to inactive, or had a termination date added to their information on Ledgy from their HRIS, may be waiting to be offboarded.

Stakeholder status tags on Ledgy's dashboard

Learn more here.

Available on the Scale and Enterprise plans.

4. Take actions in bulk for documents or stakeholders

Small change, big difference. On Ledgy, you can now bulk-select documents in the Data Room or Signatures pages to delete, download, move into folders, or invite people to sign them. You can also bulk-select stakeholders when deleting, offboarding, or inviting people to Ledgy. 100 holding confirmations to sign? Filter to select every holding confirmation with one click, and get your work done quicker.

Ledgy's data room

Try it out now in your Data Room, Signatures or Stakeholders page!

Available on all plans.

5. Enhance document and signature workflows with our templating hub and custom folders in your data room

Our templating hub now lets you upload documents, apply template-specific signatory settings, and see where a given document is being used.

If you’ve linked your DocuSign to Ledgy, you can now decide in what order you want people to sign and/or witness a document. You can also make sure documents are automatically dated as soon as everyone’s signed, with a dynamic variable for both DocuSign and Ledgy signatures.

And finally, Ledgy’s data room now lets you structure your documents exactly the way you want: filter, bulk-select, and move documents into folders to better organise your equity data.

Template settings on Ledgy

Learn more about automating document and signature workflows here; for all guidance on Ledgy and DocuSign, learn more here, and find an introduction to our data room here.

The templating hub and Ledgy signatures are available on the Growth, Scale, and Enterprise plans. DocuSign and custom folders are only available on Scale and Enterprise.

Stay compliant and report to authorities globally

6. Account for equity under IFRS 2, instantly

Prepare for your next audit or reporting deadline with Ledgy’s automated expense reports compliant with IFRS 2. With report settings including yearly, quarterly, or monthly reporting intervals, vesting projections, Black-Scholes or Monte Carlo valuations methods, static or dynamic forfeiture rates and more, you can download exactly the report you need at any time.

IFRS 2 expensing on Ledgy

Learn more here.

Available on the Enterprise plan.

7. Everything you need to report to UK authorities, in one click

We’ve added three new report presets to our UK compliance reporting suite! In addition to EMI notifications and EMI annual returns for HMRC, you can now download a compliant register of members, and all the information needed to file CS01 and SH01 reports to Companies House.

Just go to Reporting > Compliance, select the report preset you need, and download.

Compliance reporting on Ledgy

Learn more here.

Available on the Growth, Scale and Enterprise plans.

8. New global mobility reporting

Ledgy’s global mobility reporting makes it easy to stay on top of equity as your workforce moves across borders. Keep track of location history, understand the equity employees have earned in different locations, and generate instant reports to download at the click of a button.

Global mobility reporting on Ledgy (vesting tranche view)

Learn more here.

Available on the Enterprise plan.

Keep your data private and secure

9. Log in securely and swiftly with SAML SSO

Ledgy’s SAML SSO functionality (with SCIM provisioning) lets you centrally manage, monitor, and revoke unified access to Ledgy from your preferred identity provider for stakeholders and collaborators alike. We support Okta, Azure Active Directory, Google.

Learn more here.

Available on the Enterprise plan.

10. Stay confident in Ledgy, now SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Achieving SOC 2 Type 2 compliance demonstrates our commitment to keeping critical systems and data secure, in accordance with international best practices.

Ledgy has completed a SOC 2 Type 2 audit, with no exceptions noted.

SOC 2 Type 2 Badge

Learn more here.

Available on all plans.

Our Bonus:

11. Engage your employees with the best employee dashboard on the market!

“We wanted to provide our employees with an equity dashboard that they would find engaging and motivating. Ledgy has done just that.”

Our new and improved employee dashboard engages, aligns and inspires your team to achieve more together. Employees benefit from insights at a glance, such as the amount of options held and their value, vesting schedules and next milestones, equity value growth over time and in the future, and much more!

Ledgy's employee dashboard

Learn more here.

Available on all plans.

Final thoughts and team highlights:

We’re proud to have delivered these improvements to make equity work even better for our fantastic customers. In 2023, we met more customers in person than ever before, from our equity breakfasts held throughout Europe to our flagship Edge summit in London, where we brought together the most innovative operators and experts to plan for equity success in 2024 and beyond.

Next year, you can count on us to help you automate even more parts of your equity processes; generate a wider range of financial, operational and compliance reports instantly; and stay compliant in Europe and beyond. Coming soon, we’ve got automated granting, letting you set up rules and triggers to create and approve new grants faster than ever before. We’re also expanding our financial reporting module to include disclosure reports under IFRS 2. Finally, we are working towards obtaining an ISO27001 certification, further affirming our enterprise security.

Thank you for all your support so far: here's to achieving much more together in 2024!

Yoko Spirig is Ledgy’s co-founder and CEO. Prior to founding Ledgy Yoko studied physics at ETH Zürich, Oxford University and CERN. She was project lead on Swissloop, Switzerland’s first Hyperloop research initiative.

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