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Valuation services

Get accurate and audit-ready valuations from market-leading experts

Valuations make a big difference to audits, fundraising and exit discussions. Ledgy’s valuation partners offer robust, objective tax and fair market valuations at competitive prices. Valuations with Ledgy: fast, accurate and defensible.

Independent, defensible valuations with Ledgy

Streamline valuations

With Ledgy as your single source of truth for equity data, you have the best possible starting point to obtain robust, audit-ready valuations. We’ve partnered with some of the world’s leading valuations experts from Deloitte, Aranca, and Cooper Parry to cater for EMI, CSOP, 409A and growth share valuations.

Get the service you deserve

Say goodbye to commodified valuations that don’t stand up to audits. With Ledgy, you get white-glove support and free lifetime audit reviews for more transparent, accurate and independent valuations in line with International valuation standards (IVS).

Share your data securely

Our expert valuations partners adhere to the most rigorous security standards. Share secure access to exactly the data they need with Ledgy’s role-based access control for minimal back and forth.

Get a valuation now

Let's schedule a demo to discuss how you can leverage Ledgy and our network for fast, audit-ready valuations.

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Modern features for modern teams

Document management and data room

Find the right documents every time. Automatically link the corresponding documents to transactions and structure your data room exactly the way you want to share it with our partners.

Service tailored to you

Work directly with experts that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring your company gets the fair and defensible valuation it deserves.

Tax and fair market valuations

Leverage Ledgy’s network to get tax and fair market valuations including EMI, CSOP, 409a and growth share valuations at exclusive rates, in accordance with the International Valuation Standards (IVS).

Free life-time audit review support

Your valuation matters, and we’ll give you the valuation support you need. Lifetime audit review support is included for all companies, at no additional cost.

Custom role-based access control

Keep data private and secure with internal access management that lets you control access to each piece of your equity data.

And much more

International grant types
Custom views and exports
IFRS 2 expensing
Enterprise-level security

How your peers use Ledgy to streamline their valuations

“I have just completed my EMI return. Last year, it took me a day to compile, manually adding data from various sources. This time, I hit a button. A great improvement – thank you Ledgy.”
Stuart Barnard
VP Finance & Business Operations
“Ledgy really helps with speed, ease, and compliance of it all, everything is just much smoother”
Alisha Seahra
“The move to Ledgy was a great way for us to audit and clean up our data. We ended up with a very accurate, real-time picture of what we have, that is also much easier to update compared to our previous provider.”
Brian Parkes
Chief People Officer
“Compared to competitors, Ledgy was very strong and catered to more of what we needed from a European and UK-centric angle – like working with growth shares that are quite specific to the UK.”
Hubert Fenwick
Co-founder and CEO

Fast and easy migration with Ledgy experts at hand

We’re committed to providing the best experience for your team, from beginning to end. With our onboarding and product experts there every step of the way, you can trust that your data migration will go smoothly - improving your data accuracy and allowing you to get the most out of Ledgy from the start.

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Set up

After signing, our team sets up your account and goes through your onboarding plan with you.

Data & document extraction:

Our team works off of your current solutions to extract the data and documents needed.


Our team imports your data and documents to Ledgy, cross-checking details with you along the way.

Data validation

Once the data migration is finalised, you get to go through and validate our team’s work to ensure data is correct and meets your expectations.

What else does Ledgy offer?

Equity Plan Automation

Streamline equity workflows and save your team valuable time.

Employee Engagement

Bring equity to life with intuitive dashboards for the whole team.


Stay error-free, get IPO-ready and go global with confidence.

Cap Table Management

Turn your cap table into a strategic asset – accurate and intuitive, every time.

Financial Reporting

Meet your deadlines with instantly generated financial reports you can trust.

How will you use Ledgy?

Equity Plan Automation

Put your equity on auto pilot and spend time where it counts.

Employee Engagement

Engage everyone and bring equity to life, showing employees the benefits of ownership.

Financial Reporting

Meet your deadlines with instantly generated financial reports you can trust.


Stay error-free, get IPO-ready and prepare to go global. All while enjoying less admin and fewer errors.

Cap Table Management

Redefine your cap table with engaging visuals, next level accuracy and the ability to scale.

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