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Neus Garcia Puigdollers

Web Development Trainee & Rollerblader

Neus has a classical music background. In coding, she has found the perfect way to channel her creativity and develop new skills. She enjoys playing the piano, painting and skating.

Mark Jacob

Engineering Manager & Overly Caffeinated

Mark has a background in computer science, completing his MSc in Trinity College Dublin. From Ireland and living in Berlin, he loves cooking, photography, coffee, running and lots more!

Clemens Heithecker

Web Development Trainee & Adventurer

After completing a degree in Economics, Clemens decided to follow his passion for computers and building with code. Besides his enthusiasm for tech, he enjoys horseback riding, skiing, and adventures.

Liam Gallagher

BizDev & Injured for 83% of the year

I’m Liam, a BDR based in South-West London. Formerly a Buyer, I have switched sides to drive employee ownership across Europe.

Andy Jones

Senior Product Designer

I'm Andy, a senior product designer based in Liverpool, England. I’ve been designing, leading and bringing products to life with clients worldwide for over 12 years.

Joe Brennan

Content Lead & Drone Blogger

As Ledgy’s Content Lead, Joe turns technical concepts into useful information for customers. In his spare time he writes about drones at rillerkobots.substack.com

Lin Qiu

Product Designer & Sugar Fiend

After her MSc in Psychology: Lin discovered product design, and has never looked back. With NGOs and startups experience and her neverending curiosity, she is excited to deliver the best-possible experience for Ledgy users.

Ben Brandt

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

After volunteering with a conflict mediation NGO in the Philippines, Ben studied physics at ETH Zurich and ENS Paris and worked as a software developer in research. Now he's wearing product, people and finance hats at Ledgy.

Isabel Reyna

Legal Counsel & Paella Purist

After completing her LLM in business law, Isabel worked as a legal counsel at an intl. law firm in Madrid and for a fintech in Zurich. Besides that, you’ll find her with her Dachshund or preparing for the next marathon.

Mareeha Ahmad

Senior SDR & Dessert Lover

Mareeha graduated from McGill University with a degree in Economics and was in banking ever since. New to the start-up world, Mareeha is excited to help Ledgy grow by spreading the word and building meaningful relationships.

Jannick Stein

Operations / People & Coffee Aficionado

Jannick previously worked in VC and as a startup operator, having graduated from St. Gallen with a business degree. He takes on projects across our Operations and People teams, ensuring Ledgy scales efficiently.

John Ligan

Support and Product Specialist & Tech-Nerd

John studied economics in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet, Germany. Then he spent ten years consulting or solving clients' issues in the SaaS industry and intends to use his experience to take Ledgy's CX to the next level.

Giacomo Venier

Junior Software Engineer & Future Kitesurfer

After graduating with a degree in Business, Giacomo took a deep dive into computer science and launched a couple of mobile apps. He now works at Ledgy as a Software Engineer.

Ion Mesca

Product Designer & Enthusiastic Runner

From youth education, to owning a business, to designing software, Ion has lived, worked and traveled his way through Europe all the way to NYC. Now he is living in Munich spending time designing products at Ledgy.

Franck Djeuda

Senior SDR & Tech Enthusiast

Franck is a bookworm with a passion for entrepreneurship. He started his own business in wellness before joining Ledgy where he believes that democratising ownership will empower more founders to face today challenges.

Gregory Hartley

Inbound Associate & Simpsons Enthusiast

After creating a vintage business whilst at the University of Oxford, Gregory joined the startup world working at a French accelerator. He's excited to help startups discover Ledgy and reduce burdens around equity management.

Tatyana N.

Software Engineer & Avid Reader

Coming from the startup nation, Tanya joined Ledgy where she uses her love of software development to help push the European startup ecosystem to the next level.

Catarina Simões

Product Manager & Surfer

After her MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Catarina gained experience in project management and continuous improvement. Looking forward to contributing to a purposeful goal, she joined Ledgy.

Emily Wood

Partnerships Lead & Outdoor Adventurer

With over 10 years' experience within startups and VC funds, Emily loves to help build companies from the ground up. She spends most of her time outside work being active from high diving to rollerblading!

Christopher Girdwood

CX Manager & Web3 Enthusiast

Chris graduated from Northumbria with a degree in Fine Art in 2014. Although he still has a love for the arts, his passion lies in disruptive and innovative tech and is excited to use his experience to support Ledgy grow.

Marlies Mayerhofer

Software Engineer & Product Hunter

Marlies’s background in finance and consulting was completed by a love for Computer Science sparked during her MSc at Imperial. Passionate about building products, she joins Ledgy in the mission of allowing more to do so.

Jonathan Richman

Lead, Digital CX & adventure traveler

Jonathan joins Ledgy after stints at Google and DoorDash in San Francisco. He believes in ownership and is excited to bring the value of Ledgy’s platform to customers. He likes nature, music, chess, sailing, and adventure.

Rhiannon Tudhope

Sr Talent Acquisition Manager & Vintage Lover

Rhiannon graduated from Wesleyan University and previously worked in executive search, which took her to London, New York and Toronto. She is now helping Ledgy build an outstanding team.

Karime Andere

Product Marketer & Dancing Queen

After finishing her MscM at HEC Lausanne, Karime now brings her passions and values to life through her work in the Marketing team, along with leading Ledgy’s Climate and DEI Committees.

Angela Santin Ceballos

Principal Software Engineer & Avid Climber

Angela has experience as a Tech Lead, Software Engineer and Product Manager at large companies and startups on both sides of the Atlantic. In her spare time she enjoys spending time outdoors and playing ping pong.

Luke McGee

CX Manager & Mixologist

Graduating from Cambridge with a degree in Economics, Luke embraced start-ups. Having worked in 2 tech start-ups in London prior to joining Ledgy, he is excited to be a part of the Customer Experience team as a CX Manager.

Pietro Tansini

CS Ops Analyst & Skydiver

After working in high-growth startups in the US, EU, and Africa, Pietro is excited to empower many other startups through distributed ownership. He loves to see things from various angles, occasionally also diving in the sky.

Ana Silva

Customer Experience Manager & CrossFitter

Ana is fascinated by the startup world and believes that democratising ownership is the only way to go! Being a food lover, she also volunteers as FoodHack Ambassador to bring together FoodTech startups in Zurich.

Greg Jones

Head of Engineering & Snow Enthusiast

Greg spent many years in Silicon Valley—from childhood, for university, and at startups—including five years leading product engineering at Amplitude. He now happily finds himself building products in Zurich at Ledgy.

Marius Colacioiu

Principal Engineer Manager & Trail Runner

Marius has a background in computer science, graduated from Milan University and worked as a lead developer at XING and On.

Xiao Sun

Software Engineer & Amateur Cook

Xiao graduated from ETH Zurich in transport engineering. She has some coding experience and is now happily diving into the world of web development.

Mariana Cely

Software Engineer & Chocolate Snob

Mariana studied Mathematics at ETH Zurich and EPFL. She enjoys logical implications and learning new languages, so the coding path appeared to her as a natural one.

Oriol Vidal-Cortes

Senior Software Engineer & Mad Scientist

Oriol was pursuing a PhD in biotechnology when he came to realize his passion lay in computers. He enjoys writing and playing with software more than he enjoys sleeping.

Jules Henze

Staff Software Engineer & Paragliding Pilot

During his studies in environmental engineering as an excellent scholar at ETH Zurich, Jules started working as a software developer building web applications and got hooked since then.

Sarah Strickland

Strategy Analyst & Cooking Enthusiast

After graduating from Cambridge in Politics & International Relations, Sarah jumped into startup-land by working for a year at a London accelerator. She is now thrilled to be joining Ledgy’s RevOps team as a Strategy Analyst.

Amadeus Bringmann

CX Manager & Board Sport Enthusiast

Amadeus studied economics in Zurich and completed his MSc in London. He loves to work with start-ups and fully believes that equity ownership should be further democratised. He also spends his time surfing or snowboarding.

Lucas Angermann

Partnerships & Music Aficionado

Lucas helped hundreds of founders build their venture while leading the major European startup initiative START Global. He is on a mission to empower startups to solve the pressing issues of our time.

Minh-Hoàng Nguyen

Data Engineer & Lifelong Learner

Hoang has experience as a data consultant and business analyst in various startups. In his free time, he loves reading books, hiking, and cooking with friends.

Charlie Simionescu-Marin

Sales Operations Analyst & Plant Geneticist

Trained in genetics and cocktail making, Charlie's interests lie in technology, music, sports, podcasts, and social progression. He loves the startup scene for its mantras - and hopes to support this community with Ledgy!

Alex Hare

Senior Product Manager & Tennis Enthusiast

With a few startup journeys and an MBA under his belt, Alex plans to use his product skills to make Ledgy the best equity management platform in the world. He also watches far too many obscure films.

María del Mar Mitjavila

Senior CX-Manager & Underwater Hockey Expert

A natural problem-solver addicted to learning with a background in Organisational Psychology. Helping, sharing, and supporting others to achieve their goals is her passion.

Thórhildur Thorleiksdóttir

Software Engineer & Trumpet player

After completing her Master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zürich, Thórhildur is excited to focus on her passion for web development at Ledgy.

Sandro Berchier

Revenue Operations Lead & Running Enthusiast

After more than two years in consulting at Bain and a degree in Robotics, Sandro is very excited to become a Ledgista! As a highly motivated individual, he will be working to build a RevOps team at Ledgy.

Rebekka Thur

Founders' Associate & Rower

After working on a Sustainable Fintech project in Zurich and completing a Master's in Linguistics at the University of Oxford, Rebekka is diving back into the Swiss start-up world in a supporting role to Ledgy's CEO Yoko.

Michelle Chin

Junior CX Manager & full-time Foodie

Michelle is a Fine Art graduate of the University of Oxford. Having previously worked at start ups and VC firm, she is passionate about working with people to bring about positive and sustainable change.

Armon Bättig

Head of Biz Dev & Sales and Michelin Chef

After having worked for 5 years as a chef, majoring in Food Engineering and getting a masters degree in Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich and HKUST, Armon now leads our Business Development & Sales team.

Timo Horstschäfer

Chief Techno Officer & Co-Founder

Coding since high school, Timo got an award for the best master thesis in computer science and worked one year as a computer engineer in robotics.

Yoko Spirig

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Yoko studied physics at ETH Zurich, Oxford University, CERN and was project lead of Swissloop, helping to build the first Hyperloop pod. Since 2017, she' s on a mission to build the global platform for ownership from Europe.

Nicolas Briner

Biz Dev & Ice Hockey Enthusiast

During his studies at McGill University, Nicolas discovered the start-up world and has since been on the road supporting promising entrepreneurs in building successful ventures. He also enjoys hiking and playing ice hokey.

Aloys Van de vreken

Operations & Finance Manager and Sailor

As a PhD student in Entrepreneurship at ETH Zürich, Aloys saw how founders struggled with Entrepreneurial Finance and ESOPs. He decided to help Ledgy build a future in which both are simplified, instead of waiting to study it

Paul Koh

CX-Manager & Architecture Buff

As CX Manager, Paul is excited about making the topic of equity more transparent through building and growing Ledgy’s touch points with start-ups and VCs. On weekends, he does not keep count of miles travelled.

Sara Brioschi

Head Of People & Motorbiker

With a background in Economics and Management, Sara worked with several startups from Europe and Silicon Valley. She dedicates herself to attracting, engaging, and growing the high-performing Ledgy team.

Daniel Almasi

Software Engineer & Elephant Cuteness Expert

Early on during his UG studies in Computer Science, Daniel got a job as a software engineer at King’s College London. Post graduation, he is ecstatic to share his passion for cryptography and cyber security as a Ledgista.

Luna Ledgista

Rocket & Trailblazer

Luna is a model of the Saturn V rocket, which has been to space 13 times, and holds the record for largest payload to low Earth orbit. She’s still under construction — Ready to help?

Valerie Baia

Account Executive & Global Explorer

Valerie delights in interacting with companies across the spectrum of the startup ecosystem. She has extensive experience leading sales and business development projects across Europe, Africa, and APAC

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