Predict your company’s future, plan for success

High-growth companies use Ledgy to proactively model their future scenarios—from funding rounds to exit. Use accurate modeling to see the effects of fundraising, valuation and dilution. Schedule a demo with our equity expert or explore Ledgy on your own.

Used by leading companies to model their funding rounds and exits

Build accurate scenarios and exit models

Model complex funding rounds and exits, share them with your team and make decisions based on data

  • Perform waterfall and breakpoint analysis

  • Understand dilution implications

  • See impact on share classes and stakeholders

  • Easily export what you need

Predict, model, and ensure your startup’s success

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How does Ledgy look on the inside?

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How CFOs build and grow companies

Finance and accounting teams are at the heart of scaling companies. Ledgy gives you a scalable all-in-one solution for your cap table, scenario modeling, investor relations and compliance.

Engage your employees with tangible scenarios

Employee scenarios give your team a clear visual of their potential returns

  • Clarify what success means

  • Make incentive plans tangible

  • Create reward models per round

  • Show employees their exit gains

There are so many features that Ledgy provides. But especially the round modelling helps a lot. For us it was important that all stakeholders have an easy separate login and have an overview over their investment.

Dominik Bucher, Head of Legal & Compliance

Equity management is substantially simplified, super efficient and even fun. History on transactions, splits, valuations can be seen at once, no painful searching necessary.

Christian Menzi, Sherpany, Success Manager

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