Unleash the power of equity for your team

Ledgy’s intuitive employee dashboards make equity easy to understand, no matter your expertise. Align people behind shared goals and help show that equity is worth it - for both your company and team - with Ledgy.
Ledgy empowers more than 20,000 employees with ownership

Engage and motivate your employees with their potential returns

Align your team behind shared goals and make returns tangible by demonstrating how the value of equity has grown and can continue to

  • Demonstrate equity value growth over time

  • Communicate transparently about possible future rounds and their impact

  • Invite your team to dream big about the future

  • Verify that people can see exactly what's needed before inviting them

Simplify even the most complicated set ups

Enable employees with any type or mix of grants to understand what equity means for them at a glance or in detail. One powerful dashboard to show:

  • Grants held and estimated value

  • Vesting schedule and milestones

  • Exercising percentage and events

  • A visual breakdown of equity granted or owned and its value

Effortless digital granting from beginning to end for you and your team

Save valuable time with automated workflows to create hundreds of error-free documents and send them out for signature to employees in seconds.

  • Auto-fill grant letters in bulk and customise them per plan

  • Validate information before creating documents

  • Send signatures with Ledgy or via DocuSign in one click

  • Automated updates for no more back and forth

The only dashboard built for international teams

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Ledgy supports companies in 40+ countries across the globe and has multi-currency support for both companies and employees.

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VSOPs, cash settlements, buybacks, stock splits and Personio integration.

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EMI, unapproved schemes, and growth shares. Charlie HR integration and witness signatures through DocuSign.

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BSPCE and integrations with Figures and Lucca HR

Ready to unleash the power of equity for your team?

Find out how leading companies are using Ledgy to easily manage their options, warrants, virtual shares and more

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Employee participation plans

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