Our Story & Our Why

The world needs more ownership and our mission is to democratize it — one company at a time

Ownership Intelligence Platform

Ledgy AG
Equity management for high-growth companies
Founded in 2017
40+ Employees
Equity Management
Series A

Our story

Entrepreneurs, and the organizations they build, will be central to solving the world's biggest challenges. We believe that companies have a duty to plan for sustainable growth, where all stakeholders are treated fairly.

Growing companies can get everything right on the surface, winning new customers, raising money and hiring great people. But if you don't really understand your cap table, it's harder to raise the funds you need. And if you can't show your team what their ownership means, you risk creating big new operational problems. Motivating and retaining employees creates better long-term results for everyone.

At Ledgy we are transforming the way companies handle equity so they can create new generations of owners. By understanding their equity and translating their hard work into ownership, team members are equipped with the tools to found and invest in businesses themselves. More great companies means more innovation for society – and around the world, more innovation is linked to more happiness.

We started our journey by thinking differently about ownership, redesigning how companies, employees and investors view and handle their equity. We already work with 3,000 amazing customers from around the world, turning their many thousands of employees into owners. But we're not stopping there. If you want to play your part, view our open roles.