Product Update: October 2021

In the last month, we restructured the way pools and plans work together, introduced new grant types for key markets, launched fair value calculations and integrated with new HR platforms. Let's dive in.

Control different equity plans from within pools

Ledgy customers can now group equity plans within pools

We've changed the way equity pools and their subsidiary plans relate to each other. Different plans, with different grant types, can now be drawn from the same pool. This now means a single pool can contain different equity plans, covering (for example) German VSOPs, Swedish warrants and UK ESOPs for employees.

All companies already live on Ledgy now have at least one equity plan in each of their pools. Options previously linked directly to pools are now linked to the pool through plans.

If you haven't already, you may wish to rename pools or plans in the way you want. You might also want to combine different pools and move related equity plans into one place.

You'll find more guidance on this change in the app, and you can read our help article for more information.

Pools and plans working together on Ledgy

🎵 B-S-P-C-E, find out what it means to me 🎶

Ledgy has rolled out several new grant types

Ledgy now supports a wider range of grant types, including BSPCE options (among the most widely-used in France) and EMI options (one of the most popular option structures in the UK)!

To learn more about all the grant types we offer, see the help article.

Ledgy ❤️ bob

We have also rolled out a new integration with leading HR and people management platform Hibob, helping users of Hibob's flagship product bob easily sync HR data across to Ledgy. More on getting started with the integration here!

Ledgy's integration with HR platform Hibob

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates!

26 Oct 2021
Joe Brennan
Content Lead & Drone Theorist

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