Interview with Karime Andere, Junior Customer Experience Manager at Ledgy

It was a pleasure connecting with Karime for this interview. Check it out to find out how she juggles multiple roles across teams including customer experience and marketing, and how she brings her passions and values to life through her work at Ledgy.

Karime Andere

Hello Karime, you started off as an intern at Ledgy and your evolution has been quite impressive. Can you share a bit about your experience and your impression so far?

Hello! I joined Ledgy about a year ago after a fast recruitment process and a whirlwind of a year. I was lucky to know Armon, our current Head of Business Development previous to Ledgy, and was pretty excited when he first called me about potentially joining Ledgy. I then joined in the summer of last year, in between my last two semesters of courses for my Master’s degree in Management with an orientation in Marketing, as part of the Customer Experience team. I have always been passionate about consumer research, insights, and making sure the people businesses are serving are getting real value from the product or service, so I was super happy to be joining the CX team. Now, it’s one year later, I am a Junior Customer Experience Manager in charge of onboarding, support, training, and key account management for all different types of customers, have learned so much and am still learning every day. I also contribute quite a bit to our marketing, as this is also an area I’m passionate about, and it’s where I am finishing off my thesis for my Master’s degree with Ledgy. In addition, I am Ledgy’s Climate Officer, as part of our membership of LFCA, which means I make sure we are climate-neutral as a starting point while trying to drive more actions related to sustainability forward. In addition, I am also our Diversity Officer, as our People and Operations manager Tamas asked me to help a bit in discussing and keeping this in mind when it came to the recruitment, retention, and well-being of our employees. So I guess you could say I’m pretty busy! But I love it and love working at Ledgy in all these different areas I really care about.

Super impressive Karime and really interesting! So, you currently handle multiple roles but really play key positions in both Customer Experience and Marketing. Can you tell us more about your day-to-day operations at Ledgy?

My more primary role is in CX and since it deals with some hard-to-predict tasks that are really dependent on customers and their timelines or availability, I usually have some pretty variable days. The day starts off with our short company check-in, and then our team specific check-in to see what is going on that day, if we have any blockers, areas where we need help, or anything to discuss. Then, I usually have some tasks that have to do with the customers currently in the pipeline and on my plate, this can be anything from a call to explain a feature, the import of a customer’s data, a call to get them started on Ledgy, or noting down and communicating feedback to the product team and updating the customer.

Outside of these immediate tasks, the CX team usually has a project to optimize our processes, or find ways to make Ledgy more clear to customers, which I could also be working on that day. It’s really interesting and motivating to see how Ledgy helps businesses and people first-hand and work on how we can make their experience even better, every step of the way.

When it comes to Marketing, my biggest recurring task is being in charge of our social media posts, but I also often hop on calls to discuss ideas, content, blog posts and see if there is anywhere else I can help out. I recently was also in charge of a larger campaign we did as part of our membership with the Leaders for Climate Action (LFCA), and since I am the Climate Officer and have an interest in marketing, it was super exciting to be part of this!

You’re currently in the process of completing your Master thesis. How does this tie into your goals at Ledgy?

I think what’s really exciting about working at Ledgy—a startup, is that we can really build the company, brand and processes we want from the beginning. We have real impact on the company and customers and feel included in all aspects. My thesis will deal a bit with this, how it is to be able to build a brand from the beginning, and make sure that the values, purpose and mission really shine through and drive our actions in an authentic way. I think this is super important in any company, but I am looking forward to see how this develops within Ledgy. As you might see from my various “extra” roles at Ledgy, I am quite passionate about social and environmental issues, and am super proud to be part of a company that cares about these as well, helping entrepreneurs drive positive impact in the world. I am thrilled to be able to drive positive impact through Ledgy’s customers but also within Ledgy as well, and I think my thesis will be a great foundation for that.

Everyone at Ledgy gets a unique emoji, can you tell us the story behind yours?

Karime Swimming

It’s actually a pretty funny story. It was one of my first days at Ledgy, I had started remotely and therefore had only really interacted with a couple of people on the team, and I was super nervous about making a good impression. The team was very welcoming from the beginning, but most of my conversations still took place via chat or Zoom where you don’t necessarily get the full experience of human interaction in my opinion. One afternoon, our resident head of the (unofficial) Ledgy Emoji Election and Selection committee, Jahlela, asked me what my favorite animal was. I replied with “Dolphin, why?”, and she replied with a mysterious… “No reason.” This being one of my first interactions with her, and being completely unaware of the fact that people have personal emojis, I was super confused, only to be absolutely delighted five minutes later when she presented my new personal emoji (a GIF of a dolphin leaping and twirling out of the water) to the team as a surprise. I totally loved it immediately, and really thought it represented my joyful, enthusiastic, and determined spirit, as well as my love for swimming.

I always enjoy our emoji stories. 😄 Tell us a little bit about your hobbies and interests outside of work.

I used to be a high-level competitive synchronized swimmer (now called artistic swimming), and even though I stopped competing a while ago, I still love swimming in my free time. I’ve also gotten a bit more into hiking and running, even though I always say I’m more of a water person, but during lockdown the pool was not always available so I had to find other ways to get moving. I also like to read and listen to audiobooks, I’m more of a non-fiction reader and am always eager to learn something new. Finally, I think one thing that really makes me happy is dancing, during the second lockdown, I started making sure I have a little dance party every morning to boost my mood and get moving at the start of my day, and it’s become a regular thing now.

And what does the future hold for you? Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

Oo, that’s a hard question. I think one thing this pandemic has done for me, has been to show me that the future is super variable and uncertain, so lately my mindset has been a bit more about what’s going on now and not thinking about the future so much. I do, however, still see myself working at Ledgy in a customer centric role, helping our customers get more value out of working with us, helping drive this positive impact I talked about before as much as I can while building a team that does the same. I also see myself being just as active in these social and environmental causes I care about, but on a larger scale, and with hopefully even more resources allocated to this.

Ledgy is on a mission to democratize equity, why does this matter to you?

I think our founders always put it so eloquently, but our mission is really about driving positive impact through entrepreneurship and democratizing equity is an amazing way to promote a more equal distribution of wealth, as well as encourage people to continue this “loop” of positive impact in their own way. I’m really happy to be working towards this with my fellow Ledgistas, and think its something that can help tackle the world’s most pressing challenges, including the environmental and social causes I keep going on about. I see our mission as a way of creating my own impact in many different areas I’m passionate about by helping others do the same on a larger scale and that’s something that I think is unique and exciting about working at Ledgy.

Thanks a lot Karime! I’m sure I can speak for the entire team when I say we are happy to have you!

04 Jun 2021
Ermias Giovanni
Ledgy Alumnus