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Keep track of your investments on one customizable dashboard, from portfolio-wide metrics to individual company details.

Leading VCs and accelerators use Ledgy to gain insights and track portfolio performance

Your single source of truth for portfolio management

Ledgy gives you a clear snapshot of your portfolio-wide metrics while allowing you to drill down into the details of individual companies:

  • Proceeds, fair value, MOIC, IRR

  • Liquidity, P&L, revenue, runway

  • Valuations, dilution, and liquidity

  • Waterfall and break-point analyses

Efficiently manage multiple portfolios


Define goals and make data-driven decisions


Plan pro-rata investments and follow on rounds


Auto-retrieve KPIs and reports from portfolio companies


Configure tables with presets, easily search and export

For us Ledgy is a real game changer — we finally have one single source of truth to keep track on our stakes in 100+ portfolio companies. No more sifting through plenty of cap table versions, closing binders and internal performance sheets. It allows everyone from the team to look up portfolio wide metrics and performance KPIs of individual companies at any time.

Anna Bosch, Associate, btov

Ledgy provides our team with a single source of truth for our fast-growing portfolio. From managing the latest transactions to consolidating the most relevant company KPIs in a single view. Having Ledgy as part of our tool chain is improving the way we engage with our startups. Furthermore, we use Ledgy to communicate our portfolio performance to our shareholders for a more interactive investment experience.

Rico Hochguertel, Managing Director, New Forge

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