Your team's equity hub

Show your employees that the company’s success is their success. Ledgy’s custom dashboards make the value clear for all types of options, warrants, and virtual shares.

Ledgy empowers more than 20,000 employees with ownership

Engage your employees with tangible scenarios

Employee scenarios give your team a clear visual of their potential returns

  • Clarify what success means

  • Make incentive plans tangible

  • Create reward models per round

  • Show employees their exit gains

Shared commitment for shared success

Ledgy allows your employees to self-manage their equity and take true ownership over their participation. They can answer their own questions, making the benefits of commitment clear:

  • What’s my vesting status?

  • How many shares have been issued?

  • What is my current estimated value?

  • What about at Series B, C, or if we exit?

End-to-end digital granting and exercising

Issuing, exercising, and keeping track of grants has never been easier:

  • Setup vesting rules

  • Open exercise windows

  • Auto-fill grant letters in bulk

  • Request compliant electronic signatures

Ledgy enabled us to roll out our employee participation program to a team of more than 100 people, while keeping full track and control of allocations.

Daniel Treiber, CFO, Getsafe

We use Ledgy to oversee our employee plans, and the vesting schedules linked to them. Our employee's details are also easily updated with one click.

Christian Königsheim, Co-CEO & Founder, Taxdoo

The best product for international teams

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Ledgy supports companies in 40+ countries across the globe

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Simplify your HMRC filings, EMI or CSOP share schemes

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Share registers with numbered shares for the entire Nordics

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VSOPs, numbered shares and Personio integration

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