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Ledgy transforms the way high-growth companies manage their equity: from employee incentive plans, to scenario modeling, investor relations, and more. Schedule your demo today and see how Ledgy redefines the power of equity.

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Scalable Cap Table

No need for Excel! Ledgy transforms your spreadsheets into a future proof cap table that scales with your company. Get a clear, visual representation of ownership at each stage and scenario. Who will own what and how much will it be worth?

Build Accurate Financial Scenarios & Exit Modeling

Ledgy allows you to visualize the future by building accurate financial scenarios and exit models. Avoid risk and failure by proactively calculating valuations based on your flexible exit events.

Empower Employees with Ownership

Give your employees their own dashboard and allow them to stay informed, in real-time. They can easily track the value of their holdings - including historical and future valuations as they take part in your company’s success.

Vie privée et sécurité en premier (en anglais)

Grâce à sa réglementation en matière de protection de la vie privée et au fait qu'elle abrite les principales institutions financières mondiales, la Suisse est le lieu idéal pour vos données les plus sensibles. Ledgy est conforme au GDPR et veille à ce que vous soyez toujours en contrôle de vos données. Pas de compromis.

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