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Get free templates from top Swiss and German law firms for your employee participation plans. Use the Ledgy term sheet guide to easily draft a document with the conditions of your participation plans.

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Without employee participation plans, companies miss the opportunity to incentivize young people to work in a startup by profiting from its success.
Johannes Reck, CEO @ GetYourGuide
I am convinced companies grow thanks to the people they attract and employ. Let’s reduce complexity and enable founders to let their members be part of the companies’ success.
Janina Mütze, CEO @ Civey
We can’t compete for the best global talent without having a broad and easy-to-handle employee participation scheme.
Dr. Tamaz Georgadze, CEO @ Raisin
I want everyone in the company to participate in its success from the beginning. In the US this is already the norm, but in Germany, it’s still complicated.
Christian Reber, CEO @ Pitch
The powerful synergy of our law firm’s expertise and Ledgy’s founder-oriented technology is paving the way to spread knowledge on how to involve employees in a startup’s success.
Maria Weiers, Partner @ Taylor Wessing
Employee participation plans are key to taking a startup to the next level. We combined our legal expertise and PSOP templates together with Ledgy, so that German startups can reward their talented employees.
Dr. Thomas Gemmeke, Head of Legal @ Baker Tilly
Any initiative that makes it easier for companies and employees to increase their use of stock options is a welcome one. We applaud Ledgy for helping entrepreneurs in Germany to set up robust and fair virtual stock option schemes. Our hope is that legislators in Germany will make reforming stock option policies a priority in 2020, allowing employees to receive real stock options, not just virtual ones.
Dominic Jacquesson, VP Talent @ Index Ventures, a VC who founded the Not Optional initiative


Why use these templates?
Currently, setting up an employee participation plan costs thousands to set up. With the help of these templates and guides you can finalize it for a fraction of the time and cost.
How can I keep track of the created plan and grants?
Create a pool and add the grants directly in Ledgy. Ledgy will then keep track of the vesting schedule for you and send you notifications for important events (cliff, vesting, expiry).
Are these participation plans legal and correct in my country?
These high quality templates are made in partnership with the best and most experienced law firms in Europe. The templates are here to guide you through all of the steps necessary to set up your employee participation plan. On top of that, they serve as an educational tool, helping you familiarize yourself with the terminology and provisions of participation plans.

- Our German law partners: Taylor Wessing, Baker Tilly
- Our Swiss law partners: Kellerhals Carrard, Wenger Vieli, Lexr
When can I have a template for my country?
We are looking forward to expanding these templates across Europe. Sign up for our newsletter, so you’ll be the first to know when we launch in your country 🚀

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