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The power of scenario modeling—for employees

Employee scenarios give your team a clear visual of their potential returns

  • Clarify what success means

  • Make incentive plans tangible

  • Create reward models per round

  • Show employees their exit gains

End-to-end digital granting and exercising

Issuing, exercising, and keeping track of grants has never been easier

  • Setup vesting rules

  • Open exercise windows

  • Auto-fill grant documents in bulk

  • Request and receive digital signatures


Where People teams shine

Managing equity plans for large teams is not easy! Employee engagement, reporting to managers, staying compliant with legal, managing all the documents… Organization is key. And Ledgy helps you handle it all.

There are so many features that Ledgy provides. But especially the round modelling helps a lot. For us it was important that all stakeholders have an easy separate login and have an overview over their investment.

Dominik Bucher, Head of Legal & Compliance, SONECT

Equity management is substantially simplified, super efficient and even fun. History on transactions, splits, valuations can be seen at once, no painful searching necessary.

Christian Menzi, Sherpany

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