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A new brand evolution for Ledgy

Yoko Spirig
Co-founder and CEO
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At Ledgy, everything we do is designed to foster entrepreneurship and drive positive change.

Since 2017 we’ve helped teams achieve more together by giving companies real control over their equity and share ownership. We started life as a digital cap table management tool serving startups in their early stages. Over the years, we’ve built out our product to support the full equity life-cycle, from granting share options through to managing compliance, valuations, reporting and much more.

Today, we’re privileged to count thousands of the world’s most ambitious companies as our customers. We are proud that companies can use Ledgy from their early days right through to the later stages, where teams begin thinking about IPOs and adapting to the public markets.

In just the last couple of years, we’ve grown to a team of 70 people working across three European tech hubs – London, Berlin and our HQ, Zürich. Along the way, we’ve raised more than €30 million from some of the world’s best investors – including New Enterprise Associates, Sequoia Capital, and b2venture – to help us reach our goals.

Now, we’re growing up a bit ourselves. We’re excited to showcase our revamped brand identity today. So what’s changed, and why now?

Inside Ledgy’s rebrand

We’ve made a few important changes to the way Ledgy looks and feels. This is our new brandmark:

Our new mark reflects the heart of Ledgy’s brand: enabling teams to align behind one goal, to create a positive future, together.

We’ve also rethought our design language, from the smallest icons to the way our website works.

(We’d like to thank our design partners at Future Kings for helping us shape our new brand and identity.)

Our values have also undergone an evolution. The objective? To underscore the principles that enable everyone at Ledgy to do great work and contribute to our mission.


We create space for every one to be their best self, living a low-ego culture and putting the team first. We assume the best intentions in others and strive for kindness in our interactions.


For the best ideas to have an impact, they need to be heard. We foster an open and direct communication culture, aren't afraid of asking the hard questions, and value diverse points of view.


We constantly strive to do better. We believe a growth mindset and giving our best effort drives innovation. We always see limitless opportunities to learn, understand and improve — personally, as a company and for our customers.


We know our actions have a wider, positive impact and can help make the world a better place. We move forward together with this responsibility in mind, and use our work to empower others to do the same.

Why now?

There is never a perfect time to refresh a brand. But it’s hard to think of a more appropriate time than right now.

Tech’s momentum is creating bolder founders and more ambitious businesses. Expectations are through the roof, and our tech pioneers intend to exceed them.

But we are in a crucible moment for many companies and teams. It’s no secret that we’re in a tougher fundraising environment, with new pressure on multiples and valuations. These challenges are especially pronounced for later stage companies.

In this climate, the need to build strong teams and keep everyone aligned behind the core mission is more powerful than ever.

We know that startups and scaleups deserve world-leading services to support them as they conquer markets and delight customers. It’s no easy task: founders and employees have to deal with extraordinary regulatory and technical complexity to make equity work, nowhere more so than in Europe.

For too long, companies have had to make do with imperfect solutions, hoping that teams will magically ‘just get it’ when it comes to equity. No more. Ledgy delivers exactly the experience customers need: powerful automation to handle the nuts and bolts of international equity plans, and a delightful experience for team members that makes the benefits of company ownership crystal clear.

We know there is much more to do to make equity work for companies across Europe and beyond. We created our new brand with these challenges in mind. Only by aligning teams behind a common goal can ambitious tech companies fulfil their promise and potential.

What’s next

Today, we’re just as excited for the future as my co-founders and I were when we started Ledgy back in 2017. By really making equity work for companies, we want to help foster a world where entrepreneurs build stronger teams and drive positive change.

Much more to come from us in the near future: stay tuned for our new sector report in the coming weeks!

Yoko Spirig is Ledgy’s co-founder and CEO. Prior to founding Ledgy Yoko studied physics at ETH Zürich, Oxford University and CERN. She was project lead on Swissloop, Switzerland’s first Hyperloop research initiative.

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