Customer Spotlight: Yova

As part of the Earth Week 2021, we wanted to showcase one of our customers, Yova, that is doing their part in the fight for the climate!

Yova is an investment platform enabling beginners and experts to invest with sustainable impact, without compromising their returns. We asked their CEO Tillmann Lang a few questions about their climate actions, the importance of climate action, and more. Check it out below.

1. Why is taking climate action important to your company?

Yova was founded to create a more sustainable world by investing. Climate action is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why supporting initiatives like LFCA action is a natural move for us.

2. What actions are you currently taking?

Our offering is designed for a positive impact on the world. Yova offers impact investing for everyone. Our customers invest directly into companies that help to solve global problems, for instance by fighting climate change directly, by de-carbonizing the planet, by increasing biodiversity.

3. What are your future plans for climate action?

Everything we do at Yova is about sustainability action. We work on making impact investing mainstream. That means that everyone will be able to invest money for a personal financial return while also making the world a better place.

4. What would you encourage other companies to do?

Companies should embrace sustainability as an opportunity to develop better services and products.

5. Why do you think now is the time for climate action?

Today is always the best day to take a step towards a better world. And such steps can be highly rewarding. Because sustainable services and products are often simply higher quality. They can help you improve your life today as well as the life in your future.

What an inspiring way to end the interview. Thank you for participating!

As part of our mission is at Ledgy to contribute to positive change in the world by helping entrepreneurs, we are proud to support Yova and companies like them who are taking climate action.

Thanks again for your time during this interview and your commitment to climate action Tillmann Lang.

Stay tuned for more Customer Spotlights to come, and make sure to go to our page on the Time For Climate Action campaign as part of Earth Week 2021 for more on how to take climate action as a company or as an individual!

Ready to take action?

Earth Day 2021 is a great time to kick off some real actions in the fight against climate change. It’s the greatest challenge of our time and we hope you join us on this mission.

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