About us

We believe that entrepreneurship is the main driver of positive change in the world. That is why we build beautiful and intuitive software for startups, helping them be more successful


Timo Horstschaefer

Co-Founder & CTO

Coding since high school, Timo got an award for the best master thesis in computer science and worked one year as a computer engineer in robotics.

Yoko Spirig

Co-Founder & CEO

Yoko studied Physics at ETH Zurich, the University of Oxford and CERN. She was also project lead of Swissloop, helping to build the first Hyperloop pod in Switzerland.

Ben Brandt

Co-Founder & CPO

Ben has extensive experience in project management and worked for two years as a software engineer in an ETH Zurich’s research group.

Oriol Vidal-Cortes

Software Engineer & Mad Scientist

Oriol was pursuing a PhD in biotechnology when he came to realize his passion lay in computers. He enjoys writing and playing with software more than he enjoys sleeping.

Jules Henze

Software Engineer & Paragliding Pilot

During his studies in engineering as an excellent scholar at ETH Zurich, Jules started working as a software developer building web applications.

Marius Colacioiu

Head of Engineering & Trail Runner

Marius has a background in computer science, graduated from Milan University and worked as a lead developer at XING and On.

Jahlela Hasle

Software Engineer & Neuroscientist

Jahlela has a background in cognitive neuroscience, graduated from UC Berkeley, and founded a few startups before switching to full-time software engineering.

Spela Prijon

Head of Customer Experience & Sailor

Spela found her passion for business development through her experiences co-founding a startup, and as an early employee at a SaaS company. She holds a Waldorf teaching diploma, and a Master’s degree in Pharmacy.

Armon Bättig

Head of Biz Dev & Michelin Chef

Worked 5 years as a chef before he majored in food engineering and getting a masters degree in Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich and HKUST.

Karime Andere

Biz Dev & Olympic Swimmer

With experience in consumer research and strategic planning, Karime is finishing her Master’s degree in Management with an orientation in Marketing at HEC Lausanne.

Ermias Giovanni

Head of Marketing & Stargazer

Ermias has a background in business administration and more than 10 years of marketing experience. His mission is to build the demand-generation engine that drives Ledgy’s growth.

Tamas Varkonyi

Operations, Finance & Home Baker

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Tamas worked at PwC and co-founded his own startup. He is responsible for smooth operations at Ledgy, with special attention to finance, HR and legal matters.

Mariana Cely

Junior Software Engineer & Future Hacker

Mariana graduated from ETH Zurich and EPFL in Mathematics. She has started a traineeship in software engineering to soon become a Junior Developer.

Xiao Sun

Junior Software Engineer & Lifelong Learner

Xiao just graduated from ETH Zurich in transport engineering. She has years of coding experience and is now happily diving into the world of web development.

Marina Moric

Junior Product Manager & Yoga Teacher

After finishing her PhD in neuroscience, Marina decided to focus on her passion for technology. Her goal is to become Ledgy’s product management Jedi.

Catarina Simoes

Customer Experience & Surfer

After her MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, Catarina gained experience in project management and continuous improvement. Looking forward to contributing to a purposeful goal, she joined Ledgy.

Nicolas Briner

Biz Dev & Landscape Photographer

During his studies at McGill University, Nicolas discovered the world of startups and has since then been on a journey to support entrepreneurs in reaching their goals.


Rocket & Trailblazer

Luna is a model of the Saturn V rocket, which has been to space 13 times, and holds the record for largest payload to low Earth orbit. She’s still under construction — Ready to help?

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btov Partners

Europe’s symbiosis of early-stage VC funds and private investor network

Creathor Ventures

Backing the creators of our future since 1984

VI Partners

Healthcare & technology venture capital since 2001

Dr. Paul E. Sevinç

Entrepreneur, technologist, founder of Doodle.com

Daniel Gutenberg

One of the most active Swiss early-stage angel investors

Luis Cabiedes

Leading Spanish investor in early-stage technology startups

Myke Näf

Entrepreneur, business angel, founder of Doodle.com

Cyrill Osterwalder

Digital entrepreneur and investor. Security, crypto & privacy expert

Luzius Meisser

Founder of Meisser Economics, Bitcoin Association Switzerland, and Wuala

Adrian Bührer

Investor & consultant (Farmy.ch, Flatfox.ch), founder of Students.ch

Elena Walder-Schiavone

M&A and private equity lawyer with a focus on start-up legal advise, Smartuplaw.ch