Traineeship Program in Web Development

Zurich, London, Berlin


Ledgy’s mission is to democratize ownership in startups. We create transparency for all stakeholders of a company and bring scalability to important processes for founders such as managing their stockholders, preparing financing rounds, and granting equity to all their employees.

Our customers are successful European companies, like Wefox, Bitpanda, Gorillas, Trade Republic, and many more.

Since our incorporation in 2017, we’ve been listed every year among the TOP 100 Swiss startups and are ranked as the #1 ICT startup in Switzerland.

Ledgy’s $10m Series A round in September ’21 marked the entry of renowned Silicon Valley investor Sequoia Capital into the Swiss startup ecosystem—almost 50 years after its founding.

Our goal at Ledgy is to use this freshly acquired confidence (and capital) to build one of the greatest teams in Europe and boldly go to where no company has gone before 👩🏻‍🚀🚀

We are an international and diverse team of 63 people, coming from 26 different countries and speaking 25 different languages.

We believe that startups are a main driver of positive change in the world and help create equal opportunities for everyone outside of corporate hierarchies. Humanity needs solutions for the current challenges, like climate change and the best source for this innovation are startups. We try to live by strong moral values and offer an example to other companies, while helping them be more successful with our product so they can drive the change forward.

We believe that equal opportunities for all social groups of society are necessary, and are committed to a culture where everyone feels welcome and respected. Psychological safety and a culture of modesty and openness is important to us.

We sincerely live and work by our beliefs so every hire for us is an important one. We’ve done a great job so far in building our team and our hope is that you will be able to join us.

At Ledgy, we really like ♥️ doing web engineering. And we want to spread the word and make more people discover the joy of designing processes, turning them into instructions for machines, and building an intuitive interface for the user.

However, as of today, web developers without a computer science background are still in the minority and we want to change this. Why? Because it’s more fun to work in a diverse team, and it is a topic we value and care about.

We are happy to launch our second traineeship program! Read here about our first program.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to dive into the art of web engineering, teaching them the tools and concepts to turn abstract ideas and processes into beautiful pictures of code and user interfaces.

As a trainee in web engineering at Ledgy, you will…

  • Work full-time at Ledgy for at least 6 months
  • Be part of Ledgy’s product development team, made up of engineers, product managers and designers, from day 1
  • Learn from our experienced engineers, who all have different backgrounds themselves (e.g. environmental engineering, physics, biomedical engineering, and business)
  • Dive deep into the mechanics of the World Wide Web and the digital world 🚀
  • Discover your own personal strength in a specialized field (eg. algorithms, user interfaces, operations, or data analytics)
  • Learn to build elegant and intuitive user interfaces ✨

What your typical work could look like

  • In your first month, you will
    • Set up your development environment and learn how to use Github to interact with the Ledgy codebase
    • Learn to use TypeScript and understand the basics of functional programming
    • Pair program regularly with your mentor and other trainees 🍐
    • Rename some text in the application and understand how the code changes you’ve made get from your computer to our end users
  • In your second month, you might
    • Learn to use React
    • Look at new code from other team members and ask questions
    • Work on small improvements such as: add Ledgy branding to our Excel exports, or improve styling of a small subpage in our app by adjusting CSS classes and properties
  • In your fourth month, you will probably
    • Work alongside the development team, pairing and reviewing their code, getting feedback on a daily basis on individual progress made
    • Get an overview of the code architecture of Ledgy
    • Work on small but exciting features such as: building a new PDF export for our investor portfolio, or adding a new Markdown description field for our companies
  • In your sixth month, you will probably
    • Work on your first big feature with other trainees
  • In your eighth month, you are likely to
    • Already be in your second month of your first actual web engineering position
    • Become an owner of Ledgy yourself by accepting your first Ledgy equity grant 🎉

Joining Ledgy, means to…

  • Work with a passionate team with diverse interests such as outdoor ⛰️, meditation 🧘, and space exploration 🌌
  • Have a chance to get to get to know the startup world inside and out
  • Have flexible working hours (such as taking a longer lunch break for doing sports or playing a music instrument)
  • Be able to work remotely, and benefit from 25 days of vacation
  • Join our monthly in-person events in our London, Berlin or Zürich hubs (or virtual ones if you're based elsewhere) and take part in our quarterly company offsites
  • Have a dedicated learning budget that can be used to buy books, take courses, or go to conferences
  • Join our monthly virtual or in-person events

Sounds interesting?

Send your application including your resume and a video (max. 5 min, as a URL to an unlisted video on YouTube) with your answers to the following questions:

  • What makes you excited about this opportunity?
  • What previous achievement in your life are you most proud of and why?

Feeling too advanced for a traineeship? Take a look at our engineering position!

Being part of Ledgy means to

  • See “the whole journey” and be one of the first team members of a company that scales from Switzerland to be the major player in Europe and globally
  • Work with a passionate team with diverse interests such as the outdoors ⛰️, meditation 🧘, and space exploration 🌌
  • Have a chance to get to know the startup world and it’s leaders inside and out
  • Have flexible working hours, be able to work remotely, and benefit from 25 days of vacation
  • Get stock options to become an owner of Ledgy yourself
  • Take part in company off-sites and in optional regular team activities

…all this to create a fun 🎉 and productive 👩🏾‍💻 working environment where personal hobbies and projects have enough space as well.


Please note: within CH and UK we hire via our own entity, whilst outside of these countries we are able to offer employment opportunities via a global payroll service provider. Currently, we’re not able to accommodate freelancing agreement contracts.