Interview with Yoko Spirig, CEO at Ledgy

We’re excited to have our third interview series. Today, we are interviewing Yoko Spirig, CEO and one of the co-founders of Ledgy.

We’re excited to have our third interview series. Today, we are interviewing Yoko Spirig, CEO and one of the Co-founders of Ledgy.

Ledgy: Since you’re the CEO, can you introduce Ledgy in less than 3 sentences?

Ledgy is a product for startups. As a startup, you have a lot of people who own your company: Namely founders, investors and last but not least employees, meaning that you end up with hundreds of people owning your company’s equity. Ledgy is basically a platform on which a startup can invite all its stakeholders, share information with them and manage all processes around the company’s equity (employee participation plans, round modeling, signing grants or power of attorneys digitally, etc.).

Ledgy: Ledgy is a women-led tech startup. What does that mean for you?

I feel happy and proud about the fact that Ledgy is women-led because we are able to contribute in bringing more diversity to the startup scene and also hopefully inspire more women to follow this path. Personally, I really believe in the power of role models. If I see other women CxO’s and founders, it inspires me a lot. I really want to pave the way and empower other entrepreneurial women to speak up and whenever I can I also offer mentoring and share my experience.

Ledgy: What was the eureka moment that triggered the decision to kick-off Ledgy?

Ben, Timo and I have known each other for quite a while already. After our Bachelor’s, we went traveling together. We were reading a lot of entrepreneurial books and during a train trip through Siberia, we brainstormed a lot of ideas. And so during our Masters, we were very committed to start-off our own venture. At some point, Timo got us in touch with the founders of Doodle. As founders and now investors, they ran again and again into the same problems namely that startups manage their equity and investor relations in a chaotic way with spreadsheets. We were intrigued and inspired by this very concrete problem about such a central part of a startup, namely its equity. And so we decided to initiate Ledgy together with them. It’s very rewarding to us that today we are able to help other entrepreneurs and founders manage their equity, investor relations and employee participation plans professionally.

Ledgy: What has Ledgy accomplished recently that makes you particularly proud?

Originally, we started with having early-stage startups as a customer base. Last year, we started to go up-market to reach later-stage startups with hundreds of employees. The fact that Ledgy is getting adopted in this new enterprise-software segment very well makes me super happy since it confirms where our product has evolved and who we want to target.

Ledgy: What is your long term vision with Ledgy?

All startups, their employees and investors across Europe using our software and Ledgy really becoming the Nr. 1 platform for startups in Europe first and then globally. In terms of team size, I really want to make Ledgy a great and large tech company, where people love to come to work and have a positive impact on society.

Ledgy: Can you name a detail that nobody really talks about but that is nonetheless crucial for the success of a company?

The thing I’m personally a huge fan of, are the 1:1, so the face-to-face meetings we have with all employees. These meetings happen once a month and don’t usually take too long, but are extremely important for growing sustainably and have a great team culture. Another related topic is the monthly team retro, where we reflect on what we like, what we’d appreciate to have more and what we’d prefer to rather get rid of.

Ledgy: Five years from now, how do you see your role at Ledgy?

Being completely honest, I don’t know yet how my work will exactly look like. As the team and the product grows, your role changes continuously. My role as a CEO will hopefully be in building a great team, which also works harmoniously from within itself and functions without many controlling hurdles. In other words, every team member would be an entrepreneur on its own and a self-starter having great ideas and executing them as well.

Ledgy: What is worth spending time on other than Ledgy?

Sports and nature. I simply adore being surrounded by nature and the serenity which comes with it. Not having too many inputs and stimuli from time to time is crucial for mental health and remaining in good physical condition.

Ledgy: What’s your number one advice you could give to new founders?

Generally speaking, it is highly important that you pick the right co-founders and employees, with whom you also really want to spend time with and grow.

Ledgy: Why should all startups use Ledgy?

As you grow your startup, one big issue you face is transparency and a single source of truth, especially towards your employees and also towards your investors. This pain is exactly being solved by Ledgy.

Thanks a lot Yoko! You can find her on Twitter YokoSpirig

13 Feb 2020
Armon Bättig
Head of Biz Dev & Sales and Michelin Chef