Interview with Xiao Sun, engineer trainee at Ledgy

We’re excited to introduce our second candidate from the Women-in-Web program. Xiao just joined Ledgy’s development team. She stopped by to tell us how it’s going.

Xiao Sun

Hello Xiao, it’s only your second week at Ledgy. How is it so far?

It is one of the most fantastic experiences for me so far. Ledgy has a very open and reassuring company culture. Though I was exposed to many new things from day one, it was never a doubt that I won’t be able to know them soon. People are very welcoming and ready to offer help. I am also impressed by the way of working at Ledgy - high productivity, customer-oriented, and communicative. I am looking forward to my future days with the Ledgy team very much.

Your background is quite interesting, can you tell us about yourself and your studies.

I started my bachelor’s study in urban planning. Very soon I came to realize I am more interested in the part where I can use novel tools such as programming and simulation to help solve city problems. However, such courses were very limited in my bachelor’s program. So I applied to ETH, did my master’s study there with a specialization of transport engineering and gained some programming experience.

You are one of the two candidates chosen from Ledgy’s Women-in-Web program. Can you tell us about your journey there?

I was already in the engineering world during my master’s study, but in a different field. I enjoy building stuff and solving problems as long as I see meanings in the products. During my time at ETH, I had the chance to develop a business idea with a group of friends and got interested in the start-up world too. On one Sunday morning after my graduation, I got one message from Yoko via Linkedin telling me that Ledgy is hiring female web engineers. I had the feeling that it is a start-up company I really want to work for — the product makes a lot of sense to me, I get to use my programming skills and learn new skills too. What’s more, how many CEOs would be sending recruiting messages on Sunday mornings? 😉

What are some of your hobbies outside of work?

Running is one of my biggest hobbies. I have finished a few half-marathons and want to do a full-marathon in the coming years. I also like making and building stuff with my hands, such as woodworking and sewing.

And what does the future hold for you? Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

I see myself as an experienced software engineer working at Ledgy in the coming three years. In a longer term, I don't know when, but I would probably to go back to China, to stay with my family and found my own company there with my knowledge and experience in both transport and software engineering to manage city transportation in a smarter way.

Ledgy is on a mission to democratize equity, why does this matter to you?

I think it is a meaningful mission that Ledgy is working on right now and that’s one thing which motivates me to work at Ledgy. For fast-growing companies who want to compete and win, equity helps them attract people to join them, and Ledgy helps them to simplify the process. As a employee, I have a stronger feeling of being part of the company. I am sure that in the future Ledgy’s product will bring much more positive impacts on the start-up ecosystem.

Thank you Xiao - we're happy to have you!
12 Nov 2020

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