Product Update: Nov 2020

We turned your transaction insights into flexible analytics, Equity plans got a boost, and Investors can issue custom access rights

The new Insights feature turns transactions into flexible analytics.

Transaction Insights table

Companies, employees and investors have the ability to sort, search, and group transactions by:

  • Date
  • Type
  • Pool or Plan
  • Share class or Grant
  • Stakeholder name or Company
  • and more…

To further streamline the view of your tables, columns can be added or hidden to display your chosen data.

The resulting collapsing folders will contain a clear aggregated overview with the ability to create custom views, analyze data and export the results.

We gave our Equity Plans a boost!

You can now Increase & Decrease Pools, with the ability to combine:

  • shares reserved from existing shareholders
  • shares to be created through authorized capital

Which source to be used can be decided at exercise, with the ability to distribute a combination of authorized and reserved shares.

Investors can now assign custom access levels to collaborators

Investor portfolio access rights

Investors can now assign "Viewer" access levels to collaborators of their investment firm for greater control.

This view-only mode can be granted as needed to temporary associates and interns.

Visit our help center to find out more about access levels and their rights.

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates

27 Nov 2020

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