Product Update: May 2022

Product: what's new in May? This month, we worked hard to streamline stakeholder management and power up your signature workflows by integrating with DocuSign. Let’s take a look! 🌻

Mo’ edits, no problems 😎

You can now more easily edit stakeholders in bulk - including adding custom fields! Just go to the Bulk edit button on the Stakeholders page, download the spreadsheet, make your edits, and drag it back in - so many edits, so little time.

Check out more details in our help article.

DocuSign is here! 🎉

We’re excited to have partnered with DocuSign to support document automation! You can now connect to the most widely recognized e-signature software globally, all while benefiting from Ledgy’s existing document templating and signature workflows. You can go straight through Ledgy to access your DocuSign account and subscription, so you can use great DocuSign features like witness signing, check boxes, and customizable text fields.

Learn how to connect with DocuSign now in this help article!

Lucca 👀 at this!

We're delighted to launch our latest HR system integration, with Lucca! Lucca customers can now sync their data with Ledgy in seconds. ⚡

In case you aren't a Lucca customer, we also offer HR system integration with HiBob, BambooHR, Personio, and Humaans.

Learn more in our help article.

Track your roll-out in real time ⏱

Do you know how many of your employees have accessed their employee dashboard? It all starts with the invitation, so we’ve made it easy to see at a glance how many invitations have been accepted in your company admin dashboard.

Check it out on Ledgy now!

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates!

31 May 2022
Karime Andere
Product Marketer & Dancing Queen

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