Product Update: May 2021

Ledgy’s team focused on making equity workflows even smoother. We made issuing of grants easier, gave you more visibility on stakeholder transactions, improved your cap table, and optimized investor performance. We also launched our Referral program. 🎁

Pool Presets

Apply custom presets to pools for simplified granting

Granting has become even simpler with the ability to create custom presets for the entire pool.

Configure your presets once and Ledgy will apply them to all grants issued from that pool, including custom vesting and the required document workflows.

No worries if you have a custom grant in the same pool, you can always make changes when granting.

View as Stakeholder

Get clear visibility of stakeholder transactions

You might have been curious how Ledgy displays data to your stakeholders. Our new view as stakeholder feature allows you to enter preview mode and see transactions from their perspective.

This was a highly requested feature by company admins to ensure they have clear visibility on how their transactions are viewed by both their employees and investors.

Message bars will notify you that you are in preview mode of your chosen stakeholder as you view transactions, KPIs, reports, and documents.

View as stakeholder is available on Ledgy’s Scale plan.

Investor Performance 2.0

Portfolio management became more power and flexible

Investors using Ledgy now have a table that is much more powerful than before with customizable columns, sorting, and detailed search. The built in Excel exporter will allow you to download and share only what you see.

For portfolio-wide overviews you can display IRR and total aggregates on values, proceeds and investments.

Portfolio companies can be clicked into for a detailed snapshot of transactions, including views by company, country, status, and more.

Performance analytics will deliver valuable and actionable insights to guide your decisions. For example: How much are we currently investing by country or industry?

Check out our quick overview video to see Investor Performance 2.0 in action. It is currently in Beta and open to your feedback.

Cap Table 2.0

Ledgy’s cap table was good. Now it’s even better!

Version 2.0 combines access to your data table and your visual transaction-based cap table on the same page. The new distribution progress chart shows summary & detailed views with customizable columns to display your chosen data.

This is the beta-version and your feedback is highly appreciated.

Ledgy’s Referral Program

If you know a startup that could benefit from using Ledgy, we would love to support them with a discount. And give you a reward for the referral. 🎁

Our referral plan is currently only available to Scale plan users. Log in to your dashboard and click the 💙 Refer a company link for more details.

If you are not a Ledgy customer but happen to know one, ask them to share their referral code.

As always, feel free to reach out to us, our team is available if you want to know more about Ledgy or give feedback.

To your success,

The Ledgy Team

02 Jun 2021