Product Update: Jan 2021

We built more detailed option expensing features, completely rebuilt the Pools & Grants pages, created stakeholder custom fields and developed usability upgrades to improve your equity management.

The new Option Expensing feature handles all your number crunching

Option Expensing Table

You can choose to do quarterly or yearly IFRS2 reporting and export your grant data. Format options include list of grants, price estimates for each interval such as: weighted average exercise prices of the grant, terminated, exercised and expired options, and a running total of outstanding and vested.

Best of all newly vested intervals and grants can be assembled in linear and frontloaded variations. You no longer have to spend days organizing this information.

We also introduced fair-value estimate calculation using the Black-Scholes and Monte-Carlo algorithms.

Option Expensing can be found in the Equity Plans section. If you don't have access or would like a personal demo, our Customer Experience team would be happy to support you.

We completely rebuilt the Pools & Grants pages

The result is customizable columns with detailed search and powerful analytics that deliver your chosen data, for example “show me all the equity plan numbers by employe country or employee group“.

Repetitive tasks when managing grants are now streamlined

Quick actions for Grant management

Exercising and terminating options, as well as document templating and signature requests are done with one-click actions – allowing you to work more efficiently.

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates

29 Jan 2021

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