Product Update: February 2022

What's new at Ledgy in February? Let's take a look at improvements to stock grants and terminations, as well as a new home for option expensing...

Stock grants and terminations, slicker and simpler

We're excited to roll out a couple of important changes that make it easier to set up and terminate stock grants.

Firstly, it's now a smoother process to assign a new grant to the right plan. When adding a grant, you can now select which stock plan it'll come from straight away using the 'From plan' dropdown (see below):

Stock grant from plan product newsletter february

You can also terminate stock grants right from the 'Grants' dashboard, as you can see with Rosalind's EMI grants below:

Terminate grants product newsletter February

These terminations are also reflected on the employee dashboard, so admins and employees see exactly the same equity data at all times.

Option expensing has a new home 🏡

Option expensing product newsletter February

For those of you managing option expensing on Ledgy, please note that it is no longer located in the 'Equity Plans' section of your Ledgy app. Option expensing's new home is in a more fitting neighborhood, specifically the 'Reports' tab of your 'Documents' section. 🏠

It still has everything you need to manage option expensing in a smooth and compliant way: we support both Monte Carlo simulations and Black-Scholes modeling, give you expected expenses per grant and stakeholder, and lots more.

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates!

28 Feb 2022
Joe Brennan
Content Lead & Drone Theorist

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