Product Update: Feb 2021

Our product team worked hard to release our employee scenarios feature, we also extended the options on end-to-end exercising, improved custom fields, made invitations more actionable and allow you to sync more employee data from Bamboo HR.

The power of scenario modeling is now extended to employees

We’re really excited to launch this feature and empower more employees with transparency around their company ownership.

Employee Scenarios

You can now give your team a clear vision on their future success with your company by creating various scenarios across mulitiple funding stages that will display directly in their employee dashboard.

This highly-requested feature will engage employees like never before by making their stake transparent and tangible.

Employee scenarios will be live from tomorrow for all Growth and Scale plan users. Find out more in this help center article.

End to end exercising with more granular control

Some of the improvements include:

  • Employees can exercise requests from multiple pools
  • Stakeholder notes can be added to advise on tax implications, payment instructions or any relevant information that will follow the exercise transaction on their dashboard
  • Exercising windows can be configured on a limited or all-time basis
  • Company side will show which pool the requests came from with the ability to accept and reject them individually

End-to-end exercising is available to all Scale plan users. If you would like more information or a custom demo reach out to our Customer Experience team

Ledgy’s Request to Exercise

Custom stakeholder fields have been upgraded

Have you had a chance to use the custom stakeholder fields?

In addition to using unlimited variables for document templating, you can now define any field once and use them to aggregate and display your chosen data in ownership insights and equity plans: pools, grants and option expensing tables.

An example usecase would be to create a custom legal entity field and use it to search and group all grants by that specific legal entity.

Ledgy invitations have been improved to allow for more use cases

When sending invitations to investors, they will now be guided to create an ‘investment firm’ on Ledgy, where they can manage their whole portfolio and invite collaborators. Many VC funds already rely on Ledgy for their portfolio analytics.

This update is backward compatible, so previously sent invitation links will benefit from the new improved workflow for investment firms.

HR system integrations

Bamboo HR

You can now sync more employee information from Bamboo HR directly into Ledgy. Data such as name, email, address, or Bamboo’s “Employee number” field will sync into Ledgy’s ”Identifier“ field under stakeholder details.


As requested by many of our customers, Ledgy’s integration with Personio is here…

Find out more about Ledgy’s HR integrations.

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates

26 Feb 2021

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