Product Update: December 2021 / January 2022

What's new at Ledgy in January? Custom scenario modeling, new templating functionality, and a look inside our product roadmap: let's dive in!

Custom scenario modeling for employees

Already, Ledgy let employees view future valuations of their equity stakes based on employer-designed scenarios. But now employees have more power to customize scenarios:

Custom scenario modeling for employees

Employees can now toggle to the dummy valuation of their choice using the slider, and learn what the approximate value of their shares or options would be.

This functionality is switched off by default, but employers can decide whether to turn this function on by hitting the 'employee scenarios' button on the scenarios page. We are excited to give employees more power to model their own equity journeys! 🚀

Templating gets superpowers

Document templating is one of the most powerful ways we save you time at Ledgy. And we have two enhancements to templating that will make a real difference in reducing your administrative overhead.

Firstly, you can now create different templates for different plans, meaning far greater customization when you're communicating with various stakeholder groups.

Additionally, if you make a mistake when setting up the variable parts of your templates, it just creates new headaches. Until now. Ledgy now helps you validate the variable elements in your templates before sending transaction documents.

Validating variables in document templating

This helps you identify when a document is missing values for specific variables, or if a template has variable fields in it that don't match the particular kind of transaction you're executing (see below).

These features mean fewer errors in the documents you send to employees and other stakeholder groups – and more peace of mind when it comes to your equity admin.

Check out Ledgy's product roadmap!

Your dropdown menu has two new links:

In-app link to Ledgy's product roadmap

We have added new links to your dropdown menu which direct you to Ledgy's Productboard profile. These links help you see what Ledgy's product team is working on and what's coming up, and you can let us know exactly what new features you want us to build!

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates!

31 Jan 2022
Joe Brennan
Content Lead & Drone Theorist

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