Product Update: Aug 2020

We made improvements to our data room, updated investor portfolios and released exit modeling 2.0. We also launched Equity Talks, our private LinkedIn group.

Ledgy’s data room organizes your equity-related documents

Documents uploaded onto Ledgy are now auto-organized in our predefined folders:

  • Transactions
  • Templates
  • Holding confirmations
  • Investor reports
  • Unused: for any documents unattached to transactions

Never worry about lost documents again! You can easily search for them by their name and find them even faster!

Investor portfolio’s updated

Investor Portfolio dashboards
  • You can now see the company exposure by country on your Dashboard
  • Add existing companies to your portfolio, directly from your Dashboard
  • Select time intervals to view KPIs - either most recent, monthly, quarterly or yearly.

For more information on investor-related features visit our help center.

Improved exit modeling

Exit Modeling 2.0

Improved exit chart for accurate modeling with:

  • Different exit price option for each share class
  • Liquidation preferences
  • Share class seniority
  • Pari-passu support

Equity Talks, Ledgy’s private LinkedIn group

Feedback from our webinar series showed that CFOs and Compensations & Benefits Managers appreciate an unbiased source of information for all things Equity.

For that reason we created EquityTalks, a private LinkedIn Group, where you'll have access to interviews, webinars, and insights from your peers.

How are other managers using equity to attract and retain talent, empower their employees, and manage investor relations - while keeping an accurate track of all equity-related activities?

Join Equity Talks!

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30 Sep 2020

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