Product Update: April 2022

What's new at Ledgy in April? This month, we've got even more transparency for your employees, better signature settings, and easier 2FA recovery. Let’s take a look.

Lost your keys? No problem! 🔐

If your 2FA has been set up, you might have had to download an authenticator app, and we know how pesky those can be - especially if you’ve recently changed phones or can’t seem to remember which one works for which login. Logging in has just gotten easier as Ledgy now provides a recovery code and an easy way of contacting our support team if this ever happens - so you can have security without the fuss.

2FA Recovery Code
Check out how it works, here.

Signatures - game, set.... almost match 😏

We’re working on an exciting and highly requested feature at the moment (stay tuned...) and as we set up for it, there are already improvements coming your way. You can now find signature settings on the Signatures page where you can select your signature provider (hint, hint 😉) and a legal quality. You can also set or edit company signatories for all your new signature requests directly on the same page.

Signature Settings
Check out our product roadmap to see what we’re hinting at!

Cap table transparency for the whole team

We’ve made it easier to share your full cap table with your employees - at the click of a button! Simply choose to invite them with access to the full cap table, and they will be able to view it from their dashboards.

Full Cap Table Access for Portfolio

See what it would look like for your employees, here.

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates!

29 Apr 2022
Karime Andere
Product Marketer & Dancing Queen

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