Product Update: April 2021

We kicked off Q2 with a set of features based on your feedback. From custom transactions and group sharing, to time saving actions that improve your equity workflows. We also took our security to the next level and took climate action for Earth week. 🌳

Handle equity transactions in your chosen currency

Equity transactions that involve multiple currencies don’t have to be difficult.

Ledgy will make sure all your calculations are accurate, and give you the choice to handle them in your chosen currency. From issuing and transferring shares, to grants and convertible loans.

Your next funding round could be raised in a different currency, don’t worry Ledgy has your back.

If you would like more information or a custom demo please feel free to reach out to our Customer Experience team.

Cash Settlement for Phantom Options

When entering the payment amount to be settled you will have the option to choose your currency and source, either Authorized capital or Reserved shares.

Transaction details and updated valuations will be displayed across your grids and on your insights tab. Employees will see their stake’s value and historical chart updated in their dashboard.

Easily share data with groups and multiple stakeholders

The Group Sharing feature reduces the amount of time admins have to spend when sharing their chosen data.

Reports, KPIs, and documents from your data room can be shared in bulk with no need to individually add stakeholders.

Hovering over the info icons will let you know which stakeholders are in the group, and what has been shared so far.

When choosing to Select Recipients you will find an info icon that will will let you know which stakeholders are in the group.

When adding new stakeholders to a group from the Stakeholders page, you will see what has been shared with that group so far by hovering over the icon next to Group.

Stakeholder Imports with Excel

Ledgy allows you to easily bulk import stakeholders using Excel. To save you time, you will find templates for both legal entities representing a company, and natural persons such as employees and founders.

Visit our Stakeholder support page to find out more.

Personio Integration

Ledgy’s integration with Personio, saves you time by easily importing and adjusting stakeholder data across both platforms in real-time.

Find out more about Ledgy’s HR integrations.

Security Audit

We took our committment to privacy and security to the next level by inviting a third-party auditor to analyze our state of security.

Cure53 performed a series of penetration tests on our application, backend infrastructure, and API. The result was a security level described as excellent.

We invite you to look at the details of Ledgy’s security asssesment.

Leaders for Climate Action

As members of the LFCA, we participated in Earth week with a mission to drive awareness and take real actions against climate change.

Climate action is one of our passions at Ledgy, so we appreciated the opportunity to highlight not only our actions as a company and individuals but also those of our customers.

Take a look at our founders’ interview to find out their stance on climate change and visit our Time for Climate Action page to see more.

Stay tuned for our next edition of product updates

30 Apr 2021

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