KPIs & Reports

Keep track of your KPIs and share your recurring reports through Ledgy

As a startup founder, or as its investor, you have most likely experienced the pain of consistently staying up to date with the company progress and its activities.

As a founder, you know how tedious it is to write recurrent reports, to keep up with KPIs, and to have to constantly inform all your stakeholders about it.

As an investor, you want to know how the company is doing at all times, and appreciate proper and transparent communication.

Now on Ledgy, KPI tracking and recurring reports

Integrate your key performance indicator values on Ledgy in a matter of minutes, copying and pasting existing values if needed.

Ledgy will display beautiful graphs that you will be able to share with your investors and integrate into your reports.

You can track as many activities as you want, whether it’s revenue, planted trees, or rockets successfully landed on Mars.

Once your KPIs are up and running, it will be time to implement your recurring reports 🚀

With Ledgy Reports, you can also

  • Create templates and use the same structure for every recurring report, which will save you time and keep your documents consistent
  • Share the report with your selected stakeholders by clicking on Publish
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What next?


At Ledgy, we are always striving to help founders with all aspects around equity management and investor relations. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to ​contact us​.

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