Interview with Catarina Simoes, Ledgy’s new Customer Experience Manager

Catarina joined Ledgy last month as our new customer experience manager and she’s already in full motion. We had a talk with her to find out more about her and how things are going.

Catarina Simoes

Hello Catarina, you just joined Ledgy last month, what’s your impression so far?

Hi Ermias! It’s been a great experience so far! In these couple of weeks, I feel like I already had the opportunity to be exposed to several different topics and diverse aspects of the business, thus already kick-starting my learning curve. At the same time, it’s been a pleasure to meet the team and be embraced by the amazing team culture.

One of the things I was most impressed with, was the team’s ability to make me feel welcome and part of the team from day 1, even though I have started remotely.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Sure! I am Portuguese, I grew up in Lisbon, which is a city that I love, and I was fortunate to grow up with the sea and the sun right beside me. I really like practicing sports, and throughout my life, I’ve done gymnastics, dance, surf, horse riding, volleyball, and others! I like to try different things 😊 I also love to travel, and I’ve had the opportunity to live in different places throughout the years, such as the USA, Italy, and Luxembourg, which relates to the fact that I really enjoy meeting new people and new cultures.

And what will you be doing at Ledgy?

I have joined the Customer Experience team, so it means that we as a team strive to create customer-centric processes (and ever-improve them) so that we can provide the best experience to our clients. It can involve, for example, helping our customers to get onboarded and/or supporting their queries, with the goal of helping them to get the most value out of Ledgy. Furthermore, we have the chance to collaborate with our clients and we are responsible for relaying their feedback to the rest of the team, so we can continue to develop and improve Ledgy to better serve our customers.

Everyone at Ledgy gets a unique emoji, can you tell us the story about yours?

Catarina to the rescue

As you know, Jahlela is our Official Emoji Master, and so she helped me to pick out my emoji. She started by asking me if I had any particularities or weird hobbies, but I couldn’t think of any at the time (although I have some).

We continued talking about what I liked, and we got to animals. So from there, we went to my favorite animals, and we were trying to find the perfect GIF to match the name that Jahlela already had in mind “Catarina to the rescue” (since I’m working in Customer Experience). We were actually indecisive between two GIFs: one which was a dog riding a horse (because I used to do horse riding) and the one we ended choosing which involves baby goats jumping “to the rescue!”

In the end, we decided to go with the baby goats, because it was more energetic, happy and joyful! :)

What does the future hold for you? Where do you see yourself in the next three years?

That’s an excellent question! I think only the future knows what it holds for me, but I hope it’s something amazing! In the next three years, I see myself growing alongside Ledgy.

I really believe in our mission, our product, and the added value that it can bring to our customers. Thus, I believe Ledgy has a great foundation to be really successful, and my goal is to be here each step of the way, contributing with my skills and experience to help to make it possible.

Ledgy is on a mission to empower founders and democratize equity, why does this matter to you?

I was first drawn to Ledgy by its mission: to know that with our product we can contribute towards empowering the founders and democratizing equity is really motivating for me. I believe that with Ledgy we are able to increase and promote transparency, and simultaneously help the employees to better understand their stake in the company, how much it is worth, and how they can influence it. This not only helps the founders to attract and retain the best talent, but it also contributes to the empowerment of the employees. I also believe that the whole process triggers a positive cycle, making people excited about creating their own startups or joining other startups after, thus propelling the startup ecosystem, and consequently allowing for more essential problems to be solved.

Thank you Catarina, it was great talking to you and the entire team is happy to have you.

09 Feb 2021
Ermias Giovanni
Ledgy Alumnus