The climate crisis poses an imminent threat to our society, culture, and economy. To be a role model of new businesses that generate wealth while reducing emissions, we are committed to constantly minimize our impact on the environment.

Powered by Green Energy

  • Our Zurich-based servers run on Google’s 100 % renewable energy infrastructure
  • The Ledgy office is driven by a green energy provider
  • Our carbon emissions are little, but not zero—thus we offset our remaining footprint wherever possible
  • We are a proud member of the Leaders for Climate Action

Minimal Business Travel

  • All our employees commute by bicycle or public transport
  • We avoid almost all business travel and default to video calls with our customers
  • We don’t fly and take the train instead

Low Resource Usage

  • Most of our inventory is second hand (work notebooks, tables, chairs, electronic devices,…)
  • Our office still has no printer and we sign all our documents digitally via Skribble
  • We have an in-office recycling process

Vegetarian Catering

  • For every lunch we prepare a home-made vegetarian salad with our Michelin chef
  • We got addicted to plant-based milk and brew our own kombucha
  • Occasionally, we enjoy free bread and other bakery delights via

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