Privacy made in Switzerland. Because your equity data is not for everyone.

We comply with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about GDPR compliance.

This is a brief summary of the privacy policy. For the details, please read our Privacy Policy.

What we may collect and why

Equity dataStakeholder information, company information, share ledger transaction history, other cap table details. Equity data and all related information is used exclusively for the provision of the services

Identity and contact dataName, email, address and any other details you provide. Provision of our services and management of your subscription. Providing you with updates about our services

Usage statistics and usage profileInformation about your website and service usage and communication preferences, to personalize and improve our service

Technical dataBrowser type and version, time zone setting, location data, operating system, and platform. Analysis and improvement of our Services and communications and to prevent and fix problems

How we protect your information

SecurityWe live up to highest security standards. We improve them continuously. See here what we do

Contact data, usage statistics, and technical dataWe limit access and sharing as much as reasonably possible. Some information is shared with third party contractors we use to run and improve our service for you

Equity dataNobody has any access to the equity data you provide. Data is stored in Switzerland, a country with the highest privacy standards. Your stakeholders have no access and get no emails until you explicitly invite them.