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Financial reporting software

Stay audit-ready and save time with a robust financial reporting suite

Ledgy takes the pain out of audit season. Instantly generate reports for your equity plans, with custom reporting intervals, valuation methods and more. Take charge of your data and help audits run smoothly.

Generate audit-ready reports instantly

Build exactly the report you need

Select report settings, input custom override values, and choose your preferred expense aggregate grouping to make reports that work for your business. Ledgy’s financial reporting suite is built to flexibly accommodate your company’s exact accounting requirements.

Prepare for audits easily

Generate a broad suite of reports instantly to account for equity under IFRS 2, UK GAAP or US GAAP, with tranche-level details in one click. Disclosure reports provide supporting information to help readers understand share-based payments over a given period.

Enhance control and trust

Find all the data you need, fast. Control who can access reporting to collaborate securely across teams. Ledgy’s modern financial reporting suite is intuitive and self-serve while maintaining the highest compliance standards. ISO 27001 certified.

Make reporting a breeze

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Modern features for modern teams


Account for your equity compliantly under FRS 102 Section 26 with an instantly generated expense report.


ASC 718-compliant reports in one click: adjust your settings to account for linear amortisation methods and optional forfeiture rates.

IFRS 2 expensing

Generate instant expense calculations with tranche-level details compliant under IFRS 2.  Select your preferred valuation, amortisation, forfeitures, aggregate groupings and accounting overrides.

Disclosures reports

Help readers understand the extent of share-based payment arrangements for the period with supporting information in one-click disclosures reports.

DTA reports

Use expense calculations as an input to generate your Deferred Tax Assets (DTA) report, an important component of the IAS 12 standard.

And much more

Custom accounting settings
Offboarding automation
Custom role-based access control
Historical forfeiture rate reports

How your peers use Ledgy’s
financial reporting to stay audit-ready

“Before, I would spend more time trying to produce reports that were impossible to get to the same standards as the ones I do now, because I wouldn’t have had an accurate data source to begin with. With Ledgy, I can now produce exactly the reports I need in a timely manner, and I know it’s coming from accurate data.”
Sebastian Schilling
VP Finance and internal operations
“Ordinarily, during an acquisition we would have to conduct a manual matching exercise to make sure our shareholder register was totally up to date with no errors. This process is now trivial with Ledgy, saving us around a day of work every time we execute one."
Wesley ten Cate
Senior Counsel
“Finding pieces of information, even down to individual transactions, now takes seconds or minutes when it might have taken me hours before.”
Martin Schleich
Chief of Staff
“Thanks to Ledgy, I can spend more time on more complex topics or projects where I can bring real value, instead of spending time on manual, monotonous work.”
Maya Seite Masri
Corporate and M&A Legal manager

What else does Ledgy offer?

Equity Plan Automation

Streamline equity workflows and save your team valuable time.

Employee Engagement

Bring equity to life with intuitive dashboards for the whole team.


Stay error-free, get IPO-ready and go global with confidence.

Cap Table Management

Turn your cap table into a strategic asset – accurate and intuitive, every time.


Get accurate and audit-ready valuations from market-leading experts

How will you use Ledgy?

Equity Plan Automation

Put your equity on auto pilot and spend time where it counts.

Employee Engagement

Engage everyone and bring equity to life, showing employees the benefits of ownership.

Financial Reporting

Meet your deadlines with instantly generated financial reports you can trust.


Stay error-free, get IPO-ready and prepare to go global. All while enjoying less admin and fewer errors.

Cap Table Management

Redefine your cap table with engaging visuals, next level accuracy and the ability to scale.

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Fast and easy migration with Ledgy experts at hand

We’re committed to providing the best experience for your team, from beginning to end. With our onboarding and product experts there every step of the way, you can trust that your data migration will go smoothly - improving your data accuracy and allowing you to get the most out of Ledgy from the start.

Migration on Ledgy’s Enterprise plan takes weeks, not months, with four main stages:

Benefits abstract pictogram of ledgy product

Set up

After signing, our team sets up your account and goes through your onboarding plan with you.

Data & document extraction:

Our team works off of your current solutions to extract the data and documents needed.


Our team imports your data and documents to Ledgy, cross-checking details with you along the way.

Data validation

Once the data migration is finalised, you get to go through and validate our team’s work to ensure data is correct and meets your expectations.

Let us show you more

Let’s schedule a demo to discuss your needs and show you how Ledgy solves them