Features for HR

Save time with document templating and signing flows. Enjoy streamlined processes, so you can create any number of batched grants. Employees will love their dashboard with vesting visualization, making their upside in your company’s success transparent

Onboard new employees in seconds

  • Reduce employee onboarding overhead with digital grant signing processes
  • Request any number of signatures with a single click, generating individual documents from templates
  • Build signature workflows to issue fully-compliant grants online without printing a single sheet of paper
  • Connect your HR software and auto-sync relevant employee information
  • Google SSO: easy sign-in and management of access to Ledgy

Vesting on autopilot

  • Quick vesting overview with one-click evaluation of what is vested, granted, available, exercised
  • Email notifications for important events like vesting cliff, vesting end, and maturity
  • Standard or custom time-based vesting schedules adapted to your needs
  • Performance-based vesting: Grants vest at the occurrence of a certain event or a milestone.

Motivational employee dashboard

  • Employees have a transparent view of their stake in the company and its success
  • Branded dashboard shows live vesting, what they can exercise, and how much their stake is worth
  • Employees will also receive email notifications about their grants

Organize your grant documents

  • Never lose the documents necessary to prove a grant
  • Attach legal documents to transactions and use filters to quickly retrieve them
  • Employees can access their documents in their personal account

Instant customizable PDF and Excel exports

  • Create holding confirmations with a single click
  • Export equity plans and employee data with flexible filtering
  • Export your grant information for IFRS and EMI reporting

Onboard new employees in seconds