Comment utiliser les signatures numériques sur Ledgy

Comment utiliser les signatures numériques sur Ledgy

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Setting up a new signature request
  1. In the Menu choose Documents>Signatures

  2. To start, click Add.

    Add new signature

  3. Then either pick an existing document from the Ledgy data room or upload a new one.

    Upload or select a document

  4. To upload a document drop PDF files in the specified field or select files from your computer.

    Upload a document

  5. Select people that need to sign the document.

    Select people
    You can select groups of people based on the stakeholder group they belong to or, search for specific people by typing their names in the search field. Only people, not legal entities, can be invited to sign a document. You can add a contact person of a legal entity in the stakeholders list to invite them to sign on behalf of the legal entity. Note: You can select multiple people.

  6. Select the signature quality.

    Select signature quality
    You can read more about the different qualities here or hover over the question mark next to the Signature legal quality text and read the short description there.

  7. If necessary, Ledgy will prompt you to add the missing information.

    The different types of signatures require different information. For example, for the standard electronic signature (SES), you only need to specify the name and email of a stakeholder and for the advanced electronic signatures (AES) their mobile phone number and nationality have to be added as well.

  8. Click Save draft. This will save the selected settings for the signing of the document.

Inviting people to sign the document
  1. After you’ve successfully saved the draft, you will see the document in your Signatures dashboard. Each document will have a status:

Missing information: Open the document and add the missing information specified in the window. Ready to start: The document is ready to be signed.

Picture 1
It’s important to remember that you can only edit the signature settings before you invite people to sign. You can edit the signature by clicking the Edit button (Picture 1) or by clicking on the three-dotted menu (Picture 2).
Picture 2

  1. To start the signing process, click on the Start button (Picture 1) and then confirm (Picture 2). Note: Once you start the signing process you can’t cancel the signature invitation. However, recipients can decline if necessary.
    Picture 1
    Picture 2
Tracking the progress of signed documents

Ledgy tracks the progress and shows you all the information necessary. You can see who still needs to sign the document by hovering over the status.

Tracking the progress

Deleting a document
  1. If you delete the document and the signing was not completed yet:

The invitees will still see the badge indicating that the signing process for a document was attempted. However, they will not be able to download the actual document.

  1. If you delete the document and the signing was completed:

The document is removed from the signatures list of the company. The signers still have access to it.

How to sign the document
  1. You will receive an email inviting you to sign a document. The email will contain a link to the document. The link will take you to your Signatures dashboard.

    Signatures dashboard

  2. Click Sign on the document you wish to sign and a signing window will open. After you’ve read the document, click on Sign Now.

    Sign the document

  3. You will need to enter your password and then click Confirm. This will officially sign the document.

    Re-enter your password for confirmation

  4. If you want to see the document you can view and download it in the Signatures dashboard.

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25 Feb 2020
Spela Prijon
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