Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)

  • The highest legal standard in digital signatures, same as signing on paper
  • Approved by the EU (eIDAS regulation) through our partner Skribble
  • Secure video identification of the signatory by trusted authority
  • Mobile-friendly: let your stakeholders sign documents on the go
Legal electronic signatures

Request signatures in seconds

  • Request mutiple signatures in a single click, instead of manually filling, sending, sorting, and tracking documents or even printed contracts
  • Keep track of who already signed and who is still missing
  • Get rid of tedious paperwork and make your stakeholders happy
  • All in one place: The whole signing process happens on the Ledgy platform
Blazing-fast signatures

Document templating

  • Create legal contracts with a single click from your own Word templates
  • Automatically fill in variables like stakeholder profiles and transaction data
  • Easy to use: simply typing “{stakeholder.name}” will become the name of your stakeholder
Automatically generate legally-valid contracts with easy templates

Signing workflows

  • Build fully-compliant option grants and onboard your new employees in seconds
  • Enable secondary trades with streamlined stock transfers
  • Automate compliance by documenting transactions with their required legal contracts
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