Cap Table Simplified!

Fast growing companies love Ledgy. It turns static excel sheets into a dynamic cap table. Always accurate, updated in real-time, and adapts to your funding scenarios.

Transform Your Cap Table!

When we got to an Excel with 200’000 rows, we knew we had to scout for the best-in-class equity management tool and that’s when we came across Ledgy.

Peter Kaeser COO, VIU Eyewear, 400+ Employees, Series B
Hundreds of Leading Companies Use Ledgy to Tranform their Cap Table

Scalable Cap Table

No need for Excel! Ledgy transforms your spreadsheets into a future proof cap table that scales with your company. Get a clear, visual representation of ownership at each stage and scenario. Who will own what and how much will it be worth?

Flexible Financial Modeling

Accurately model future scenarios and exits. Impress investors and employees with their own dashboard showing a transparent view of their current and future ownership.

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