Get the calculations right

  • Add convertibles with cap, discount, and interest and see how they convert during the next round
  • See how many shares have to be reserved for a fixed percentage employee pool
  • Choose between pre- and post-money valuations

Compare and share scenarios

  • Add any number of scenarios to compare different possibilities
  • Copy an existing scenario to compare it
  • Share your scenarios as a PDF, including valuations, investments, convertibles, amount of shares, and cap table

Adjust your simulations

  • Play around with founder- and investor-friendly settings. Let convertibles and pools dilute for all potential stakeholders or for only the existing stakeholders
  • Rounded share price, or exact to 10 decimals

Pro-rata distribution

  • Ledgy makes it easy to simulate an investment with a pro-rata distribution
  • Uses your existing cap table percentages to distribute a fixed amount

Diluted cap table

  • Understand the dilution impact of the financing round
  • When in round modeling, the cap table below shows the distribution after the round

Convert to transactions

  • Automatically update the stakeholder list, transaction history, and cap table after the round is finished
  • Convert the final scenario in just two clicks

Exit modeling

  • Understand the impact of liquidation preferences
  • Supports non-participating, participating with and without a cap, and interest payment
  • Calculates waterfall analysis of liquidation preferences across all rounds
  • Breakpoint analyses show in which valuation ranges the preferences have an effect and let you optimally plan your strategy